How to Start an Adult Toy Store Business Today?

Sex Sells and Sex Toys Sell with Grace

It is no denying that sex sells all over the world and in continents such as North America, sex toys sell with grace. Why is it so? When customers order for sex toys, they need not talk with anyone. They need not look at their neighbors in the eye. Toys are packed and the entire package is wrapped neatly. Nobody knows what is being shipped.

Sex Toy Business

By running an adult toy store, you can make piles of cash. To spice up their sex life, most of the couples of different ages are vouching for sex toys. Also, most of the individuals, especially young women prefer sex toys such as dildos and vibrators to add a little excitement to their self-pleasure activities. Start your own sex toy business and cater to the requirements of such people. You are not alone in this 15 billion US dollar adult sex toy business. You are bound to face intense competition in this profitable business. To build your sex toy business, make use of turnkey software. Internet is full of turnkey software, but not every software is worth purchasing.


Turnkey Software for Sex Toy Business

Purchase a turnkey software for sex toy business that allows you to do the following:

  • Brand your retail sex toy store
  • Customize the adult toy store
  • Identify the best bondage wear
  • Set competitive prices

Drop Shipping

No doubt, the entire adult sex toy industry is saturated with drop shippers. For your information, drop shippers are suppliers, generally third party suppliers. You need not maintain any inventory in your store. Whenever you get an order from a customer, list the order on the merchandize of suppliers. It will be directly shipped to the respective address of the customers. This is a proven retail fulfillment method. Unfortunately, this fulfillment method is being exploited as the prices of the toys are tagged at soaring prices every now and then.

How much can you earn?

It is important that you markup the prices of the toys by not more than 30 – 50%. This will fetch you decent amount of profits. In other words, if the whole sale price of a black dildo is $20, you can set the market price as $30. You will be able to earn a profit of $10.

Niche vs Micro – Niche

Adult toys is a very big niche in itself. I recommend you to narrow down to a micro niche. This improves your chances of ruling the micro-niche. For instance, one of the micro niches is Dildos and Dongs. Most of the gay audiences and women looking for sexual self-pleasure are your target audiences. Display dildos and dongs of every possible shade and size.  Some of the types of dildos are enlisted below:

  • Vibrating Dildos
  • Ejaculating Dildos
  • Harness Dildos
  • Strapless Dildos
  • Suction Cup Dildos
  • Double headed Dildos
  • Glass Dildos
  • Silicone Dildos
  • Anal Dildos
  • G-spot Dildos
  • Large Dildos
  • Porn Star modeled Dildos
  • Black Dildos

Explore the various categories and sub-categories and try to include them in your store. Your online store should be the ideal destination for anyone who is looking for dildo of his / her choice.

To know more about your target market, target long tail keywords. For micro niches, competition is not so intense. Micro-niches attract more quality traffic. Let me draw an analogy here- If you are targeting the whole adult toy store, you will be getting a very small piece of a very big cake. On the other hand, if you target a micro-niche, you will be able to eat a whole cake!

SEO- Is it really important?

Undoubtedly, SEO is important in any online website business. However, in case of adult toy store business, the role of SEO is limited. You have to spend some decent money on PPC (Pay per Click) campaigns so as to ensure that returns are phenomenal. For instance, you may have to spend around $100 on PPC to identify those long-tail keywords which have low competition and high search volume. Out of 10000 visitors who visit your site, try to convert at-least 500 customers. You will make a fortune!

Tool for keyword Strategy

Most of the webmasters choose tools such as SEO PowerSuite and Semantic Juice to identify long tailed keywords. Not that these tools do not work, but I prefer SEMRush. SEMRush is a complete competitive intelligence package that can help you in social media research. From SEO to PPC, SEMRush offers insights on everything. And yes, it offers valuable insights on video advertising research as well.

Now that you have understood the importance of micro-niche and long-tail keywords in adult sex toy business, let me share my two cents on the various features that you should look for in a turnkey software for sex toy business.

Adult Payment Gateways

The whole purpose of starting an adult toy store is to make profits. If the turnkey software for sex toy business doesn’t come with PayPal integration, payment collection from customers becomes difficult. Ensure that the marketplace you choose has a provision for Cash on Delivery as well.

Drop Shipping API

This has become a necessary evil. An ideal marketplace should support product inventory of at-least 50000+ toys from leading brands and top manufacturers. Moreover, the turnkey software product should have a provision for discreet shipping and variable pricing.

XML and CSV Feed Importer

This module or feature should allow the marketplace administrator to download product feed in CSV and XML format. Apart from this, he / she must be able to bulk upload products through this module.

Completely Customizable

When it comes to customization, sex toy marketplaces should come with a multitude of themes, colors, logos and content blocks. It is even better if the marketplaces are built on popular frameworks such as WordPress.

Responsive Design

Online sex toy stores should look pixel perfect on all devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. This is possible only if the marketplace is built by using Bootstrap 3 framework.

Smart Search Filters

If your potential customers are searching for dildos of various sizes, this feature should essentially help them. In other words, smart search filters should help shoppers search for sex toys by price, color, location, ratings, reviews, category and sub-category.

Coupon Code

Sex toy marketplaces should let you reward your loyal customers by offering discount coupons on various toys. Coupons can be of flat price or percentage on the toys’ price. Adult toy marketplaces should allow you to create unlimited coupons. You should be able to set the expiry date accordingly.

Search Engine Optimization

In sex-toy business, SEO plays a limited role. However, you cannot afford to miss a few foundational features such as Meta title, Meta description etc. Each and every toy should be associated with a relevant keyword. Adult toy marketplaces should have adequate features for better indexing and ranking. They should help you create search engine friendly URLs.

SEO Perfect Company

Robust Administrator Functionality

Administrators of sex toy marketplaces should have access to back-end functionality. They should be able to manage user profiles and grant access privileges. They can create invoices, configure payments and leverage features such as email notification, drop shipping API etc.

Revenue Models

Here comes the most interesting part- The very purpose of starting a sex toy business is to earn piles of cash. This can be achieved only if your marketplace supports various types of revenue models such as:

  • Amazon Affiliate program
  • Adult Sex toys affiliate program
  • Subscription model
  • Banners and advertisements
  • Commission on Drop Shipped toys

I have been in this business for the past 10 years and I can assert that xMarketplace product of has all the aforementioned features. They are running a holiday deal on various products. The company is highly reliable and their customer service is praiseworthy. Do visit for further details.

If you have any queries regarding adult toy store business, feel free to drop a line or two in the comments section. I will reply within 24 hours. Keep watching this space for insightful stuff. Cheers!


How to Run Adult E-commerce Site without Product Inventory?

Running a sex toy business store is as easy as running an adult website. The best thing about adult sex toy business is that money sells money. SEO is quite pointless in this business and it’s all about paying $1 and to get $1.50. For all intents and purposes, you can make a niche out of keywords. You should target the long keywords.

Needless to emphasize, the most important thing in adult website business is traffic. If you spend $100 per day on PPC marketing, you may get as many as 1000 visits on your website. If you spend $100 on PPC for the long tail keywords, you will be able to easily attract 1000 visitors. As a matter of fact, long tail keywords have low competition and decent search volume. Finding those keywords is thus important.

Also keep in mind that you don’t have to select any kind of free hosting providers for adult script. They’re slow and have the outdated tech. Even their design looks old. You might get a free domain etc. but there is no sense in giving web hosting providers for adult script a significant chunk of 40% of your sale. We have come up with a solution to this – xMarketplace. It is one of the simplest ways to start a sex toy online store. xMarketPlace is known to be most powerful e-commerce script software for sex toys, as it is built with the latest cutting-edge technology. To highlight, it has got all the necessary features to run a business ready adult toy store. It is basically a turnkey software to build your adult toy business. It has also got drop shipping API and adult payment gateway integrated by default. The wholesale drop shipping API gives you access to more than 70,000 products which you can sell on your online store.

xMarketPlace has single vendor system. In single vendor system, you’re the owner of the site and you’re the vendor too. If you’re a single working person and have a handful of vendors, you can always start off with a single vendor system.

xMarketplace offers a complete package for your adult toy business. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a vendor at all, you can still use the drop shipping API to pull products from adult toy drop shippers and sell it. has partnered with one of the leading wholesale drop shippers for adult products, and their inventory is full of all kinds of sex toys.


Making money with xMarketPlace becomes easier. Here, if the wholesale price of a certain product is, let’s say, $15, you get the product for that price. Now, you can sell that product for $20 or $25. This way, you earn that $5 or $10. Of course, the shipping fee has to be paid by you. In other words, the shipping fee gets deducted from the profit you make. Shipping fee varies according to the location where the product has to be shipped. But don’t worry. You will still make a very good amount of profit through it. Drop shipping has many more advantages than easy profit making capability. Enlisted below are a few of them –

  • A wide variety of products for selection.
  • Low capital investment.
  • The risk is minimal.
  • No inventory warehouse required.
  • Highly scalable.

There is only a handful of sites which are above par, and rest are all crappy ones. The reason behind it is the outdated and awful design. Moreover, cutting edge technology is also not used to run the business. Technology is the backbone of your business and if you don’t get it right, then you will find it difficult to scale big money. Also, the second most important thing is adult website marketing. If you don’t follow any kind of black hat techniques, you will get to score more via organic SEO. xMarketplace is completely SEO optimized and comes with built in Google webmaster tools like site map indexing all the product URL’s and Google analytics integration. You do not have to worry about adult website marketing of your sex toy store anymore.

Steps to Building an Adult Ecommerce Site without Inventory

People tend to make mistakes even after having everything in a wholesale drop shipper. They sometimes get confused or forget one or two important steps, which could lead to a hole in their newly created e-commerce store. But don’t worry. We are here to guide you through step by step process to build an adult e-commerce website without any product inventory.

Before beginning with the steps, you will need to buy a domain and hosting services from web hosting providers for adult script. You can go through, where you can find easy plans. It is one of the most affordable adult web hosting providers. It will also provide you with a free domain and 75% discount by using the promo code “ADENT” on the checkout page. Now, when you are ready with a domain and hosting service from hosting providers for adult script, you can start with the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: The first and the most important step is to sign up for an adult drop shipper. The best suggestion according to us is xMarketPlace. It is available for a one-time fee of $699 only. It is filled with innumerable features that are important and very useful for running an adult e-commerce website.

Step 2: The next step you have to take is simple- Just signup for data fee agreement. This agreement will ensure that you receive access and updated data from the source.

Step 3: Now you have to select the data feed and you need to load it onto your site. If you have master drop ship feeds in CSV or XML, you can upload these products easily onto your site using the bulk upload module of xMarketPlace. It supports shopping cart feed, standard feed and marketplace feed.

Step 4: Now there is nothing much you need to do. The drop shipping API of xMarketPlace is advanced level and fully automatic in ordering products. It even sends the shipping status without any hassle. Now, when a customer on your site will place the order, then it is your choice to order them manually by logging-in to the drop shipper’s website and selecting the product, or you can set your website to send them the orders automatically. While manually selecting, you will need to mention the buyer’s address as well. Now when the drop shipper receives the order, they will pick the items ordered, and pack them. The order will be then shipped by them directly to your customer. The order will contain your company name on the receipt.

Step 5: As far as the payment and cost of the product are concerned, you can load your wallet by using PayPal funds or by attaching your credit card to it. The wallet must always be filled with enough amount so that the orders can go through easily. This process is very important as it shall help you in paying the drop shipper for the orders.

Step 6: The thing about shipping prices is that the wholesalers keep the shipping price always at a fixed price. They always charge you a fixed amount for every order that comes to them through your website. If the shipping price of the desired product in any order is below the fixed shipping price, the remaining amount shall be credited to your account, and if the shipping price of the order is more than the fixed shipping price, then the amount will be debited from your account.

This is how you can run your adult ecommerce site, even if you don’t have an inventory. To attract some customers, you have to leverage a few marketing strategies. Normally, a new site experiences a little trouble in finding customers during the early phase. If you also happen to face the same problem, there are ways to attract new customers. One of the most common methods is content marketing. Writing creative and controversial articles will always drive more traffic to your store.

Social media traffic from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr etc. is always good for promotion. Facebook doesn’t support adult marketing, and twitter also prohibits sex toy promotion. But if you take a look at the live feed, many people market their toy store products on Twitter. Instead of spamming like others, you need to use a few growth hacking techniques – setup automation tools and find out people who talk about adult toys, follow #adulttoys or without # – retweet those tweets and start a conversation from the official twitter account. You can also try PPC campaigns, adult ad networks, posts on adult forums.

The world of sex toys is growing at much faster rate than it used to be in the last 15 years. The adult toy industry is expected to cross the target of 100 billion dollars by the year 2025, and there’s no one stopping it. Enter into this world of easy money making business, and use the services of xMarketplace to start or expand your own sex toy online store.


Definitive Guide for Best Adult Tube Script Online

The popularity of adult tube sites is growing rapidly, and it is no secret why there is big money in the business of adult websites. Everyone knows that there are millions of porn sites available on the internet. But there are only a few which have millions of visitors every day. You must be thinking why only a handful of porn sites are being visited by the most number of users. The answer to your question is the way they present and manage their content and all of this is done by a Content Management System (CMS) software. Very few number of porn sites have the most number of visitors, and it is because of their content quality and superior design of their websites. The top porn sites are designed in a way which let the user find the type and quality of porn he / she is looking for. And this increases the number of everyday users visiting their sites, which in turn brings them a lot of revenue.

Everyone has at least once thought to create a porn site, and this idea usually emerges in our mind because we know there is good money in this business. Yes, there is a lot of money, but fortune favours only the knowledgeable souls.

The key to create a porn site lies in the porn tube script you use. The pornography business can be very profitable and lucrative if done in the right way, with the best software. There have been many companies and individuals, who have tried and failed because they weren’t well informed about the best adult tube scripts in this business. Here we are creating a definitive guide for the best adult tube scripts online, and we are going to start with the advantages of video tube site script.


Advantages of Adult Tube Scripts

Adult tube script makes it very easy for you to start your own porn site. There are many different kinds of adult tube scripts available in the market, with different advantages. Some of them are free and some cost you a little. While looking for the best adult tube scripts for your website, here are some important advantages or features which you must ensure it has.

  1. Responsive Design:Nowadays, there are several designs and variants of smartphones and desktops available in the market, and no matter what kind of device the user is using, it is the developer’s job to create such a design which is best suited for all the devices. The responsive design feature of the porn tube script shall give you the ability to serve every user, doesn’t matter which type of device the users are using.
  2. Multiple Video Format Support:If your site has videos in different formats, then it will become easier for the user to stream and download the video because there are many devices which support different formats. This feature should give you the freedom to upload the video in any format, and the video tube site script shall convert and make it available to the users in various types of formats (which are used nowadays).
  3. High Definition Content: The porn tube script must allow not only HD content but also in low quality as well for users with low spec devices. There are countries where people have access to high speed internet and they can easily stream HD content, but still, there are many places where the speed of internet is still slow. And to let the users from such places have access to your videos, the video tube site scriptsoftware must have a feature which makes all the videos available in all qualities ranging from 4k to at least 360p.
  4. Search Engine Optimized: This is basically one of the most important features which is a must. For any website to have the number of visitors more the others, it is very important to have their website search engine optimized. The adult tube scriptsoftware must use new search engine friendly URLs, which will keep your website ahead of other adult tube sites in search engine rankings. It will also generate better traffic towards your adult tube sites.

There are many other important features like subscription based membership, payment gateways, Multilanguage system and much more, and you must look out for these while selecting your script software for the adult tube sites.

There are a large number of porn sites from almost every part of the world. They all use various kinds of script software for their adult tube sites. Here are the 5 of the best adult tube scripts software which are used by them.

Best Adult Tube Script Software

  1. xStreamer by  Adent’s xStreamer adult tube site software is all that you need to start your own adult tube site. You can get the scripts that shall allow you to easily create your very own adult tube site, along with the tools of monetization. The host feature of xStreamer simplifies the set up process and provides you with additional and powerful features. Here are some of those important features of Adent’s xStreamer.
  • User Profiles and Personalization: An adult tube site has content varying from different categories, and not every user likes the content from all the categories. Every user has a different taste and loves to express about the content which he / she loves to see. With this feature of xStreamer, you can have the ability to create a personalized login setup for users, and users will be able to like, comment and share the content with their friends. This feature covers the social aspect of your adult tube site too. The more the people share, the more shall be the popularity of your adult tube site.
  • Multiple Video Format Support: With this feature of xStreamer and xStreamer Lite, you can upload the same video in multiple formats without any additional tweaks. The user along with you can have the freedom to publish the content in any format you want, without worrying about the technicalities. The formats which are supported include: mp4, DivX, FLV, MPEG, 3gp and much more.
  • High Definition Content: To make your adult tube site compatible for all types of users, this feature from xStreamer lets you have the option to make the content available from 2K, 4K to even 480p, and the users with low speed connection shall also be able to stream the videos from your adult tube site.
  • Technically Sound: The xStreamer and xStreamer Lite are built on the most popular PHP Laravel framework, and uses Nginx RTSP video streaming. Whatever niche you choose, you will always have the best tube scripts available.
  • Responsive Design: The responsive design feature of xStreamer and xStreamer Lite gives the ability to serve every type of user with its responsive back and front end. This feature makes the design of adult tube site which can be accessed from any device, with all the bundled features.
  • Multilanguage System – Internationalization: The users who visit your adult tube site will not be from a single country or familiar with only English language. Many users from around the world like to see the website in their own language. With this feature from xStreamer, your adult tube site will be able to support multiple languages. All thanks to xStreamer, you can add newly supported languages right from the admin panel.
  • Multiple Streaming Backends: With the xStreamer supporting a plenty of streaming servers, there are much more options which means much more flexibility for you. Some of the supported servers that work well with xStreamer are Adobe FMS, Wowza Streaming Server, Nginx rtmp, etc. The list is quite big.
  • Bulk Video Upload: The problem which most of the video streaming sites face is not having the option to upload videos in bulk. With this feature of xStreamer, you will be able to upload all the videos in bulk, right from the admin panel. This feature shall allow instant inflow of content on your adult tube site.
  • Rotating Thumbnails: This is a very new feature which is available on xStreamer only for you. This feature creates a number of thumbnails for every video and rotates them in a neat UX frame when the cursor hovers over the video file. This way, the user can have a short look at the video content, without having to really play it.
  • Payment Gateways:  Just like many adult tube sites, some content is free but most of the content is paid (or premium). And to make any content payable to watch, you first need to have payment gateways. xStreamer provides you with the built in payment gateways like Paywall, CCBill, and Epay. There are over 20 additional payment gateways available within the software, which you can use as add-ons. xStreamer features robust and highly secure payment mechanism.
  • Revenue Channels: You can monetize your adult tube website with this feature from xStreamer and xStreamer Lite. You can use multiple channels such as sponsored results, banner ads, highlighted stories, sponsored results, and embedded video ads and much more.
  • Search Engine Optimized: For any website to have the number of visitors higher than that of others, ‘Search Engine Optimization’ should be leveraged effectively. xStreamer uses new search engine friendly URLs which keep your website way ahead of other adult tube sites in search engine rankings. This feature will always bring more and more visitors towards your adult tube site, which shall make it a big success.
  • Subscription Based Membership: Subscription based membership system makes it very easy for you to manage multiple price points and plans. This way, you can easily let the users download and stream videos, only which must be available to them according to their plan selection.
  • HTML5 Video Fallback: The devices which don’t have Adobe Flash Player should have HTML5 player’s support. Many tablets and smartphones don’t have Adobe Flash player and with this feature, xStreamer falls back to HTML5, which streams the videos in the mobile version with a proper resolution. This also uses less bandwidth and the data on the user end is saved.
  • Admin Everything: With xStreamer, you get the power to configure and administer all the aspects of your platform. You have the complete power over your adult tube site with xStreamer, which is not possible in every other tube site script.

There are many more features of xStreamer, which are very useful and important in creating an adult website.

Adult Video Script: Adult video script offers several serviceslike adult video, adult images and website hosting. Enlisted below are some its features –

  • Video Conversion Engine: With video conversion engine in this script software, you can upload HD videos for mobile which are web ready and available in several resolutions for users who are accessing the content from both mobile and computer.
  • Responsive Templates: The script allows the website to offer responsive templates, so that the website can immediately adapt to any screen size.
  • Multilanguage System – Internationalization: The user can choose the language of his / her choice. Multilanguage system shall make it easier for your foreign visitors who don’t speak English as their first language. The script has a Multilanguage system.
  • Search Engine Optimized: All the hosted sites by Adult Video Script are SEO optimized. This feature lets your website to have better chances in indexing and ranking, resulting in more traffic, and of course, more profit.
  • Customization: You will have the complete freedom to customize the website as per your whims and fancies. You can add new features and change the layout and more.
  1. TubeAce: This adult website script software is specifically used for WordPress. WordPress is one of the top platforms used by several people to host their websites. This script software can directly be added to your WordPress website. You can add videos with a theme or a plugin from TubeAce. With this script, you can transform your WordPress website into an adult website within seconds. Here are some features of TubeAce –
  • Ability to let you choose adult videos from thousands of adult websites.
  • Every theme works for premium WordPress websites, including two HTML 5 responsive themes. The themes are capable of immediately resizing the website according to the device the user is using to access the website.
  • No limitation in Bandwidth. As you are hosting the video, there will be no limit to the bandwidth you intend to use. Importing and embedding videos from different top adult sites like RedTube, PornHub, PornTube can be done very easily.
  1. Smart Tube PRO: This tube script software focuses on content management for an adult website. You can use this script software for images, videos, content and hosting. Your website’s every requirement to function optimally can be obtained using this script. Here are some features of it –
  • Allows the videos in different formats, so that they can be accessed from any type of device.
  • Access to full site template.
  • Option for 60 seconds previews of every video.
  • No bandwidth problem. As the images are self-hosted on your website itself, there is no need to worry about bandwidth.
  • Watermark can be put on the original videos, images and files.
  1. WordPress Tube Plugin: WPTubePlugin is basically a plugin/script which lets you grab videos from over hundreds of adult websites. With this script, you can also select a theme for your website from a number of themes available. Here are some more features of this script software –
  • With this script software, you can import videos from different porn sites automatically.
  • More than one hundred themes are available for you to choose from.
  • 24 by 7 online customer support lets you never face any problem for long. Get instant answers to your questions.

While starting an adult website, it is very important to select an adult tube script software, as it makes everything so much easier. It also helps you to maximize your site’s potential. Don’t waste your time and money by doing daunting tasks manually when everything can be done by a single script software. Select the best suited script software for your adult website today. Cheers!


How to Create a Free Porn Site?

Reputed porn sites such as Pornhub, YouPorn, RedTube, xHamster etc., have the charm, enticement and authenticity to mesmerize and thrill the viewers. Every feature in reputed porn sites comes shining through. Be it a video that has been recently uploaded or an elaborate cam show, everything is carefully scripted, planned and orchestrated. To say that porn industry is chasing big numbers would be an understatement. It is estimated that as much as 35 billion US $revenue is earned through sex-related entertainment businesses. While this number seems colossal, it is noteworthy to mention that all major reputed porn sites nearly account for as much as 75 percent of the revenue.

There is no infamy in running a porn site. The opportunity to run a lucrative porn site can hardly be ignored. While it takes some hard and highly risky pursuits, immense efforts and supreme expertise in programming and prominent technology stacks to start your porn site from scratch, it is best suggested to create a free porn site by leveraging the features of celebrated turnkey scripts such as xStreamer product of To clock a decent number of visits and page hits, it is important that you use a feature-rich product like xStreamer.


Enlisted below is a detailed note on how to create a porn site:

Choose a niche

The first and foremost step is to choose a niche. It all boils down to choosing an adult niche such as Incest, Celebrity, Petite, Blonde, Amateur, Gay etc. Ensure that there is always a provision for couples and singles to register themselves in your site. Here is a piece of advice- It is best to choose a niche that is under-served. For example, ‘Incest’ is one such under-served niche.

Buy a domain name

The next step is to buy a relevant domain name. It always makes sense to buy a domain name that reveals your niche. For example, the domain name clearly signifies that it contains as assortment of adult videos.  Ensure that your site is global. By going global, your site fetches a lot more revenue. Therefore, it is recommended to double check if your relevant domain name has the .com extension.

Protect your privacy

Though people watch porn, they do not like to reveal their penchant for extreme porn watching. Following the same line of thoughts, many people refrain themselves from revealing that they are the owners of adult websites. Thanks to WhoisGuard, a reputed privacy protection tool, people can do away with such fears and take pleasure in anonymity.

Content Management System

Quite unsurprisingly, you require a CMS (Content Management System) that can effectively manage your digital content and engage multiple users. It is best to use xStreamer product of as it provides extremely conducive and collaborative environment. xStreamer is endowed with brilliant video uploading and embedding options. Videos of various formats such as AVI, WMV, QuickTime, DIVX, MPEG etc. are supported. In addition, there is a provision of uploading videos in bulk. There is yet another endearing feature of grabbing videos from other porn sites and uploading it to your website.   

Create Interactive and Dynamic Web Pages

To create interactive and dynamic web pages, you require expertise in HTML 5, CSS, Bootstrap3 and PHP. Thanks to xStreamer that is built with Laravel framework, many attractive templates and layouts are always available in the gallery. You can cherry pick a template and make your website look attractive, interactive and dynamic. The best thing about xStreamer is that the videos that you upload to your site can be played on smart phones, tablets etc. Your website becomes mobile optimized and mobile compatible. Your porn site looks exemplary on both desktops and PDAs.

Have a scalable architecture

Let me define the meaning of the word ‘scalable’ for you. If the number of users and viewers increases, your website should not become slow. It should not crash. If it crashes, it clearly indicates that your website is non-scalable. You can obviate such fears if you hedge your bets on xStreamer product. Websites created and configured on xStreamer have a long standing reputation of being highly scalable.

Revenue Model

This is undoubtedly the most important aspect. Websites that are created by using xStreamer product are power-packed with various monetization options such as banners, ads, subscription options etc. Each and every registered user can either opt for free content or premium content. It is left to his/her volition.

Adult Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is all about spreading the good word of your content or somebody’s content by sharing affiliate links. This is rewarding and highly profitable. Some of the famous adult affiliate sites are ClickCash, InsaneDollars etc.  Again, xStreamer comes into picture. If you have a blog, you can link it with your website and share affiliate links.

Search Engine Optimization

For your porn site to survive and fair well in the lucrative and highly competitive porn industry, page indexing and ranking play a vital role. Indexing and ranking are related to Search Engine Optimization. Websites designed on xStreamer are search engine optimized. They take not more than 5 second to load.

Sell Videos

By selling high quality HD videos, you can make a fortune. Thanks to the presence of highly sophisticated and advanced video player, videos can be played and watched with effortless ease.  

Now that you are acquainted with how to build a porn site, I recommend you to buy xStreamer product and start your own porn business. Build a porn site and experience the magical moments of making some big money. Cheers!

The Definitive Guide to Campaign an Adult Turnkey Website

Turnkey solutions have been around for a couple of decades now, but it’s only become popular in the website and specifically adult business recently. It’s no secret that online businesses in the adult industry are making tons of money, now even more than ever, and there’s a sudden rush of people looking to cash in on that trend. A turnkey is basically a project or product constructed in such a way that it can be resold as a complete product, and customized according to need. Online businesses require a lot more complex back-end structures than regular static websites, and custom coding that can be both time consuming and expensive. So in this case, it’s much easier to just pick up a readymade solution and tailor it to your requirement, which is what adult turnkey solution providers do.

Adult turnkey providers sell pre-made and customizable website scripts that let you set up fairly complex online businesses in a fraction of the time because all of the fancy coding has already been done. For example, even though it seems fairly simple to look at, tube websites have a ton of back-end work, and as you can imagine, so do live-cam networks. So instead of building everything from the ground up, you can get either of those sites up and running really quick by using an adult turnkey script.


Only once your website is up and running does the real work start. Getting word out and building credibility in the huge online world and adult industry is actually quite difficult, not only because of the competition, but also because you’re literally trying to promote your website among billions of websites. Nobody is just going to start visiting a random URL out of the blue, you have to get positive word out and keep at it to make sure you build up a steady influx of traffic. Here’s how you should campaign an adult turnkey website!

Set Yourself Apart – Don’t Be Generic

This goes without saying, but don’t ever make the mistake of not customizing and personalizing your adult turnkey based website. When the website script is delivered to you, it comes with a full set of features and functionalities, but it’s just an empty shell. You’re the one who needs to add the content and the brand. If it isn’t immediately apparent, the first thing you need to do is add your logo, brand, tagline and flavour into it. Generic adult tube sites aren’t going to grab any eyeballs, so you need to truly make it yours and reflect your unique value proposition. It’s very easy to understand what website has not been worked on, and the last thing you want is for visitors to think no effort has been put into the website.

Create a Strong Foundation for SEO

Most, if not all, traffic comes from search engines, specifically from Google. For a website to appear on Google’s first page, it needs to have gone through multiple quality checks and pass certain tests related to load times and such. This is to ensure that fraudulent and badly performing websites aren’t presented as prioritized search results to the vast userbase using Google every single day. So apart from actively working on SEO, which in itself is an ongoing and highly recommended process, you need to at least make sure your basics are covered to be indexed on Google. Here’s what you SHOULD be doing:

  • Optimize content, keep it relevant and high quality
  • Optimize load times by keeping image sizes to a minimum, axing useless plugins and efficiently caching your website
  • Keep the site design simple and easy to use, don’t bombard users with ads and intrusive alerts
  • Add basic meta titles and descriptions to all pages
  • Add favicons and relevant logos wherever needed
  • Define a proper URL structure (For example, is not desirable, something like is much better)

Invest in Proper Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the best way to bring in more traffic, even though it might take a while to show results. It’s the tried and tested method to increase traffic, and more importantly, authority in the online world. Once your brand has been established as high quality, it will pretty much advertise itself. Take some of the biggest adult websites in the business for example, they don’t really need much campaigning, and users will still go to them anyway. PornHub, XVideos, RedTube and the like don’t need to focus on SEO because they already made their investment years ago. Of course, they’re still working on it actively to stay on top of the rankings, but the seeds of their effort years ago is what we’re seeing now, in the form of top Google search results. While the basics we’ve described above will get you indexed, only an experienced SEO firm can get you on top of the charts.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media is one of, if not the most important way to campaign your adult turnkey website based. With a proper strategy in place, you can spread word about your brand and website across the world with minimal effort, as long as you know the limits of each network. As you can imagine, most social networks don’t really allow adult content, and you have to work your way through those guidelines. Cleverly using social media to promote yourself can result in a traffic boom like none other, so this is what you need to focus on.

The best part about social media is that users are always looking for the next best thing, or to be the first to share something unique. Sometimes even the most mundane of things can go viral, and once it does, you don’t need to do anything else to become well known. If you’ve got unique content that really turns heads, all you need to do is get it out in the world and hope people will pick it up. Once a picture or video is starting to go viral, you don’t even need to do anything, the shares will exponentially multiply themselves. Just make sure you’ve got a watermark or some sort of identification on your content so that credit is given where it’s due. So here’s what you need to do in case of social media:

For Networks That ALLOW Adult Content

In case of adult friendly networks like Reddit, Tumblr and the like, simply sharing your content and regularly updating your followers with specials should do the trick. Like we said before, if your content is good, it should be shared by itself. Just make sure you tag and categorize content properly so that niche content gets the following it’s meant to. Focus your efforts on boards, forums and topics that are closely related so that you don’t seem like a spammer.

For Networks That DON’T ALLOW Adult Content

Now here’s the tricky part, networks that don’t allow adult content are often the ones that are used the most, so you need to concentrate on what and how you post it. Since there’s no nudity allowed, you have to be smart enough to only ‘suggest’ what your content is about. For example if you’re promoting a new teen porn series, make sure you create a teaser picture or video that’s suggestive, but not ‘obscene’ according to network guidelines. Add a link to your website and people who get the content and are looking for something similar should head there by themselves. Post sufficiently tongue in cheek or clever content, and you’ll also be recognized as a ‘smart’ brand.

Connect With Your Audience

Apart from the obvious concentrated efforts to market yourself, it’s also very important to come off as a brand or business that can connect to people. For example, if your social media account on either type of network is just filled with links to hardcore videos, you come off as a one trick pony, and something of a machine. But if you also share pictures, memes, something about the latest trends and engage your audience with quizzes, games and polls, it builds engagement. People inevitably connect to something when they realize there’s an actual person behind the account, and just like in real life, tend to react favourably to someone who ‘gets’ what’s going on in the world. Build a connection, and users who like you will share information and bring in more followers by themselves.

So there you have it, simple yet extremely important ways to campaign your adult turnkey website. Setting up the site itself was just half of the battle, and now it’s up to you to carefully pick and choose your strategies to get word out about your sweet new site, and this is how you do it!

List of Adult Camming Sites Hiring Models

The adult website business of camming is growing rapidly. The number of adult cams websites is increasing with every passing day. Thousands and millions of models are already working with many camming sites, but still the number is not enough. Different camming sites are looking to hire models. You can join any of them, but choosing the right and the best webcam network is important. If it is for otherwise, you will have to work for low pay rates.


To become a successful model in camming business, you should start your career with a webcam network that gets good traffic, has an outstanding pay-out rate and a system that is complemented with a robust design which suits your requirements. Here we are discussing the websites which are recruiting new cam models, along with payments and all types of information related to them.

List of Adult Camming Sites Hiring Model

Network Payout Network Details Alexa Rank
AmateurCommunity 60% AmateurCommunity 24,680
BongaCams 60% – 90% BongaCams 110
CamFuze 5¢ / token CamFuze 26,969 30% – 100% 9,483
Chaturbate 5¢ / token Chaturbate 339
Customs4U 60% Customs4U 153,972
Flirt4Free Varies Flirt4Free 1,274 50% 6,638
iFriends 50% – 100% iFriends 76,272
ImLive 30% – 100% ImLive 5,500
Livejasmin 30% – 60% LiveJasmin 278
MyFetishLive 50% 1,519,652
Naked 50% 17,744
SkyPrivate 75% – 80% SlyPrivate 126,265

European Adult Camming Jobs:

Network Payout Network Details Alexa Rank
AmateurCommunity 60% AmateurCommunity 24,680
MyDirtyHobby 50% MyDirtyHobby 10,073
XCams 40% – 60% XCams 2,328
XLoveCam 50% – 70% XLoveCam 3,156

These are the camming sites in adult website business, who are recruiting new cam models for their network.
There is a column mentioned in the list of websites as “Alexa Rank”, but what exactly is Alexa Rank?

Alexa Rank: Alexa is a company and Alexa Rank is the website rank provided by Alexa. Alexa tracks the number of page views and different visitors visiting a particular site. The Alexa Rank is a metric which is calculated after taking into consideration the amount of live traffic that a particular website or network gets. The lower the Alexa Rank, the better the website.

When starting your camming career, you should look out for the adult cams websites mentioned in the above list. Choosing the best site can get you to earn a lot of money. Cam models generate a lot of money from these websites. Let’s now talk about earning of a cam model.

How much do a Cam Model earn?

The earning of a cam model varies greatly. There is no fixed earning in this business. You will get as much as you put in. The more time you spend camming, the better shall be your pay. Other important criteria that cannot be discounted are looks of the model, her personality and the ability to perform and entertain her visitors in the chatroom. If her performance is good, then she will earn more money from tips. Due to these points, it is very difficult to calculate the earnings of a cam model.

Of course, earning will be better if you are performing on the best network. But the question which always persists in the mind of every cam model is, “which is the best camming site?” Here is the answer to that question:

Best Camming Site

None. There is no network which can be given the title of being the best. Every network offers different features and appeal to different geographic. You can determine the best network by looking at its traffic, or maybe by highest payout system. It is very difficult to determine the best camming network because even the attributes which make a network the best are not clear and open to interpretation. You can compare different networks and decide it by yourself that which one you want to work for.

Which camming site has most traffic?

Using the above-mentioned list, you can determine which site is having the most traffic. Using the Alexa Rank, you can easily look for the network that is ranked better. The lesser the rank is, higher is the traffic.

What do you need to start Camming?

After selecting your desired network, you will need a few things to start your camming career. A computer with high speed internet connection, webcam and two IDs of your candidature. (different forms). We recommend to use an HD webcam and even it has been made mandatory by some reputed camming networks, but not all of them. You will also need a clean environment to perform. You can use your room, but it must be clean and you should not be disturbed in the middle of the show. Choose a location which is clean and where you can perform comfortably without any disturbance. Most of the cam models perform in their bedroom. These are the basic requirements to start camming.

When can you perform (timings)?

This is basically left to your own volition. There is no specified timing or schedule set by any network. You can perform according to your own schedule. You don’t have to complete any given camming hours per week or per month.  There is no pressure on you. It is very simple, if you spend more time in front of the camera, there will better chances of earning money through tips. Also, if you are performing frequently, you fan base will increase. You will have the chance to establish your active following.

Can Couples or Guys start Camming?

It varies from network to network. There are some adult cams websites who are exclusive to female models and there are some camming sites that have separate categories for couples, boys, gays, and transgenders. You can search and compare between various networks about their rules and regulations. It doesn’t matter what is your gender, caste or race, there is a camming network for everybody.

Can you block specific Regions?

Of course, you can. Every camming network offers privacy control. Different camming sites have different policies regarding the privacy settings for your shows. Some networks allow their models to block specific zip code and cities, while some networks only allow you to block entire states or a whole country. You will need to check and read all the terms and conditions of different camming networks you are interested in working with, especially the privacy part. Check out for the proper privacy settings you are seeking across different camming networks.

Bottom Line: Getting into adult camming business requires some serious research and cautious decision making. You have to choose the right network which suits you. Using the afore-mentioned information, you can easily choose the best site that caters to your requirements and start you camming career instantly.

Perfect Guide for Adult Web Hosting

You must have probably heard of Adult Web hosting, but you might not be having enough information about it. Don’t worry, in this guide for adult web hosting, we shall cover comprehensively about its advantages and what to look for while selecting hosting services for your website. Though you don’t necessarily need to go with an adult specific host and any web host will be able to host your adult website for you, it cannot however be denied that there are many perks and advantages of choosing a web hosting provider who is experienced in adult hosting.

Let us go through the advantages of adult web hosting,

Hosting providers for an adult script, who have been in this business for many years, know the special needs that adult websites have, and this alone is one of the biggest advantages of choosing an adult web host. Adult websites require bandwidth and storage space, and to tell you the truth, adult websites require both these resources in significant amount. Many adult website owners aren’t aware of just how many of these resources they need when they first start their website, and can be caught unprepared without them. We are here to advise certain website owners or webmasters about a few important things ahead so that many problems can be effectively dealt with before launching of the website. We believe in taking a proactive stance. If these are not taken care of, it could cause a lot of problem in the future.

Along with it, ‘legitimacy’ is something which almost every experienced adult site host knows a lot about. This is yet another benefit of having an adult hosting provider. They deal with gambling sites to erotica sites on a daily basis, and they all include a lot of legal issues. An adult site host will keep you informed about every issue in advance, which will eventually save you a lot of research time, along with a handful of money as well.

Customer service is another important factor, which is always at the top of the list on adult site hosts. It cannot be matched by any other type of site hosting. Most of the webmasters who are using a normal web hosting service may be hesitant to call in case of any problem, because they will have to provide detail explanations regarding certain problems and files. Also, they might think about what the customer service representatives perceive about their profession and website.  With an adult site host, you will never be facing any such problem or hesitation. It has been noticed that people feel much better in calling and explaining about their problems to the customer service representative of an adult site host, and they don’t wait to ask for help from them. Yeah, this may not seem a very big advantage, but it is one of the biggest benefits to the adult site owners who have been in this business for quite a long time.

You might not need to avail the services of an adult site host just because you are planning on starting an adult website. But if want to make the most out of your website and hosting experience, there are tons of benefits which you will be able to experience and witness when you hire only their services.

Web hosting is one of the most important parts of starting and keeping up your adult tube site. Finding the best hosting provider is a job which may seem difficult to many people due to that fact that most of the web hosting providers do not allow hosting adult content on their servers. This is the reason people find it difficult to get affordable adult web hosting providers. Although, it may seem difficult, it is not impossible. The clients need to carefully consider their hosting options if they are thinking of hosting an adult website. There are a few factors which are required to be taken into consideration before hiring a web hosting provider for adult script. It includes the type of server needed for the hosting of your adult website. In other words, server can be a dedicated one or a shared one; maximum bandwidth allowed; server space; server uptime guarantee; provider’s reliability; pricing structures; speed and much more. It could be a little complicated to choose the best hosting provider, so, let us take a deeper look at it –

Dedicated or Shared Adult Web Site Hosting

Almost every web hosting company will offer you shared web hosting services by default. In other words, various other websites or users would share a single server space. Though, shared server option is good for a basic website which requires a limited bandwidth and disk space, it may not be great for an adult website. Why? An adult website requires hundreds of images and videos to be stored, and for that, a shared hosting service wouldn’t do the job for you. Adult websites attract huge traffic and visitors, mostly all at once, and they will be downloading images and videos all the time. This undoubtedly means large consumption of bandwidth. You need to go for a dedicated server for it. Moreover, if your adult website is going to be an e-commerce enabled one, where the visitor is required to pay money to download images and videos, then a dedicated server is the best option, as it offer the best and secure server facilities.


Co-located Adult Website Hosting

Most of the site owners do not like the idea of leaving certain sensitive data like movies, images, email addresses and credit card information on someone else’s web host. They do have the option of maintaining their own server data centre, but it can turn out to be quite expensive. On the other hand, a co-located server is capable of eliminating all the above risks by hosting your adult website. What happens in co-located server is that the hosting company connects your hardware to the internet and they provide you with some rack space, along with a secure environment to store your server and technical support. Here, the client provides their own server, maintenance facilities and software to host their website on a co-located server.

Legal Concerns:

This is an important matter as it is paramount to keeping everything legal. It is advised that you should check with your hosting provider in advance about any and every legality involved. This is to make sure that nothing is illegal and everything is legal before you move forward.  As a matter of caution, most of the web hosting companies do not allow adult content or adult website hosting on their servers.


Any website which involves or features images and videos is required to have a large amount of space. And an adult website would feature thousands of pictures (in .jpg format) and videos (in .mpg, .avi, .wmv etc. format). 100 images require about 30 to 50 MB of disk space to store. And a good margin is required because your website will only grow by leaps and bounds with time, and this in turn will require increased bandwidth and disk space.

Tech. Support

Any problem can occur at any time, and you might need tech support to fix it. You need to ensure that you have 24/7 technical support from your web hosting provider for adult script. You also have to make sure that they are capable of clearing any and every doubt related to technical issues, because what good are they if they can’t help you while your adult tube site is not working properly.

Administration Tools

It is your duty to ensure that all the essentials are included in your package. CGI scripts, shopping carts, email management, control panel, file management and much more are mandatory. Make sure that these essentials are covered in your adult web hosting package.

As you can see above, choosing the best and affordable adult web hosting provider isn’t such a difficult task. You just have to keep an eye on some important points, and you will be able to get the best web hosting provider for adult script. We have seen many adult sites hosting servers, and we have come to the conclusion that almost every single one of them is missing a feature or two, which the other popular ones have. You have to make sure that the adult site hosting service that you are thinking of selecting to start your new adult website is free from every bug and suits your requirements. Even the speed can be an issue if the bandwidth is not enough, and it can result in the diminishing of signup numbers on your adult tube site.

But still, if you don’t have enough time to research or put your time to find the best affordable adult web hosting provider, we have an answer for that as well.

Adent offers cheap and one of the best adult web hosting advice. You can get advice on great hosting deals for your Adent products, which are perfect for starting any type of adult website. You can get solid advice on the best server setups as well. Adent has been in this business for many years. Through years of experience in dealing with several adult websites, Adent has come through many hosting companies as well. Many of which, have been the best with their services, and they have been a pleasure work with as well. Many times they have gone out of their ways to lend a helping hand. Adent can also recommend on cheap adult web hosting if this is your first time in the world of adult website business.

Adent has a whole list of trusted server partners, and they also have an agreement with most of them which allow them to get their customers awesome deals. And you know what the best part is all about? It is completely FREE. And yes, there is NO catch. It is a completely free service and costs you not even a single penny. They are just able to get you through their agreements, they are able to negotiate wonderful prices for you. Of course, Adent gets an affiliate commission for this service, but it is completely free for you, which I think is the best thing about it, because they have enough experience, along with a big list of known and experienced web hosting providers, and they also bring you good deals. I don’t think there is anything more you can ask for free.

An Undeniable Offer: Adent recommends M3 Server for all sort of adult websites and it takes pride for having partnered with M3 server for its products. It comes with 75% off on VPS hosting + 1 year domain free. You can avail the services of Adent for free, or you can go research on your own and look for the best affordable adult site hosting server.

We have covered about the advantages of adult web hosting, we have mentioned everything to look for while selecting the best adult site hosting service for your adult tube site, and along with it, we have provided you with a free service to get adult web hosting advice. Choose the best and affordable hosting service for your adult tube site, and take your website through the gates of success.