Adult Turnkey Business – Guide to Make Money by Owning Turnkey Adult Websites

Adult turnkey business is never obscured by time. Truth be told, making money in adult turnkey business has never been easy. From our firsthand experience, we can assert that competition is essential and irreducible. There are deep pocketed players like MindGeek who have built momentum and consolidated their authority. Unseating them immediately is impossible and hence, you should focus on creating, marketing and monetizing niche specific turnkey adult websites. There is a never ending army of fraudsters and hence, always be on guard. Here is an illuminating odyssey on how to make money by owing turnkey adult websites:

CPC (Cost per Click)

CPC or Cost per Click doesn’t amount to a significant departure from one turnkey adult website to another. In reality, CPC in the context of adult website marketing is largely old wine in a new bottle. That being said, selection of the correct ad-types is important. In other words, you should prefer those types of ads which have better CPC. For all intents and purposes, I could maximize my earnings through the following four types of ads:

  • Floating Ads: Also known as layer ads, floating ads appear in the main window. They appear to float over the main content.
  • Small horizontal banner ads positioned at the bottom of the video
  • Large horizontal banner ads positioned in the video header
  • Square banners positioned at the top right corner of the video


Memberships and Subscriptions

Turnkey adult websites are bound by unique and uplifting content. As long as you provide unique and uplifting content, you will make decent money.  In case of adult membership sites, the concept of ‘mindful spending’ resonates well with audiences. Categorize your subscription plans into the following buckets:

  • Weekly subscription plan
  • Monthly subscription plan
  • Quarterly subscription plan
  • Yearly subscription plan

You are at complete liberty to add a few more buckets. It is all about providing as many choices as possible to your audiences.

Digital Accounts and Digital Products

Are you aware that selling digital products is a permissible practice in adult turnkey business? You can sell digital Instagram and Snapchat accounts of your models. First, hire a few models and strike deals with them. Convince them to engage in sex chat, phone chat, video chat etc. Send locked content to your viewers. Viewers are required to spend a few bucks to unlock the content. You can thus earn through commissions by selling digital accounts and digital content. You can spread the word about digital accounts on your own turnkey adult website.


Custom Video Platforms

Accept custom video requests on your turnkey adult website. I recently stumbled upon the following custom video requests:

  • Doctor bangs a nurse
  • Father in law masturbates to his lactating daughter in law
  • Air Hostess rides horny Pilot
  • Spider Man Home Cumming

All the aforementioned custom porn requests symbolize the wild fantasies of audiences. Once you recruit adult performers, shoot HD porn. Sell your video teasers to custom video platforms such as Customs4U . Host the content on your turnkey adult website and make money through Pay per View scheme.

Porn Re-uploading Method

At the very outset, I would like to tell you that this method used to be a proven black hat technique. Until 2015, black hat techniques used to fetch favorable outcomes. Today, the outcomes are different and more often than not, they are uncomplimentary. As a result, this method has been tweaked to pander to not CPA offers but to real websites where people can find their loved videos. First up, you are required to download videos with no watermarks and no copyrights. I generally download such videos from and You can find a plenty of videos of amateur cam girls with hardly any watermarks and copyrights. When you upload such videos to your turnkey adult website, put a title and a watermark. Here is an example:

Blond girl on lactating Milf on

Upload around 5 videos per day to different porn websites. Do this regularly and you shall witness your wallet growing fat every day.

Adult Directories

The Porn Dude is known for its exhaustive list of porn sites. Its classification and proper categorization of porn sites into various divisions such as Amateur, Free, Premium etc., is praiseworthy. For all intents and purposes, it is an adult directory. If you do a simple Google search, you shall find more than 20 adult directories. Be informed that such directories do not bring you great traffic but help you build links. It takes special callousness to ignore adult directories. Here is what a friend of mine did to get 1000 unique visitors to his turnkey adult website in a day:

He visited all the 20 directories. He found a couple of dysfunctional links in each of the 20 directories. He reported the presence of expired / dead links to the administrators and adult webmasters. They thanked him and offered him the prime slot in ‘Tube websites’ category for 24 hours. Within 24 hours, he got 1000 unique visitors to his turnkey adult website. You too can try this technique and get new visitors.

Adult Forums

Forums are places where adult webmasters and porn enthusiasts post their respective queries and concerns. Provide sensible answers to their questions. Enkindle impressively controlled narratives and establish yourself as an influencer. As an integral part of adult website marketing, incorporate a signature in your profile. Link your forum profile with your turnkey adult website. Thousands of followers shall embrace you and your adult turnkey business.

Review Sites

There are many genuine websites which review popular adult websites. If your turnkey adult website hosts genuine content, submit your site URL to review sites. Positive reviews will help you build not only traffic but also links. Review sites clearly point out your site’s frailties. Take the criticism constructively and focus on improving your site.


Ask and Reply Method

Do you think it is mandatory for your turnkey adult website to have a dedicated ‘Trending Porn stars’ category? In my opinion, it is mandatory. has this feature. Porn enthusiasts and viewers are known for their habit of kowtowing to trending porn stars. It therefore makes sense to monetize and leverage this phenomenon. So how do you identify trending porn stars? Visit and identify the most viewed, trending and new porn stars.

Create two separate accounts on and Create GIFs of trending and most viewed porn stars. With one account / profile, submit the GIF to and with another account, submit the answer and the link to your turnkey adult website. If somebody else is interested in the same porn star, he / she is bound to visit your site. This Ask & Reply method which comes under the purview of adult website marketing, fetches you happy customers.

Link Exchange Method

This method is known to the entire adult entertainment industry and barring a few established adult websites, hardly any other websites and webmasters seem to leverage it to the fullest. How I wish it weren’t the scenario! This link exchange method is simple- You just need to incorporate a tab named ‘Our Friends’ or ‘Our Partners’. You are required to furnish the links of websites you intend to exchange the links with. Make sure that your friends and partners feature all the links associated with your website. This way, it will be a win-win situation. Your friends shall get a few visitors from your site and vice versa.

Estimated Traffic

Link exchange method should ideally fetch you around 500 visitors per day, provided you exchange links with at-least 5 different turnkey adult websites. Ask and Reply method should fetch you around 100 unique visitors per day. Adult sites, directories and review sites should fetch you at-least 1000 visitors per day. Thanks to custom porn uploading and porn re-uploading methods, an estimated traffic of 1000 visitors is very much in the offing. Memberships and subscriptions should fetch you at-least 500 visitors. This aggregates to an approximate 4000 to 5000 visitors per day. Index your turnkey adult website for certain keywords and soon, Google will feature your turnkey adult website in the first page of SERPs.

The Bottom Line

You can set afire your competitor sites and make money through the following ways:

  • CPC
  • Memberships and Subscriptions
  • Digital Accounts and Digital Products
  • Custom Video Platforms
  • Porn Re-uploading method
  • Adult Directories
  • Adult Forums
  • Review Sites
  • Ask and Reply Method
  • Link Exchange Method

We can help you climb the pantheons of glory in adult entertainment industry. If you have any doubts or concerns, feel free to drop a line or two in the comments section. Keep watching space for insights on adult website marketing. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep yourself abreast of adult website marketing and adult turnkey business. My best wishes are with you and your turnkey adult website. Cheers!


How I Make Passive Income from Porn Sites?

Porn is one of the marquee consequences of evolution of internet. The first benefit of porn, which is elementary, concerns itself with the pleasures of satisfying the sexual fantasies of viewers. The second benefit of porn, which is monetary, concerns itself with the profound fortune of feathering the nests of adult webmasters. Is there any magic pill to live high off the hog? Sadly, there aren’t any magic pills. The only way to earn a decent passive income is to work smartly. This post will cover how to make money with porn. You should invest at-least three hours per day initially to earn decent passive income. If you are not ready to put in enough efforts, please do not expect best results. In porn industry, it is difficult to negotiate efforts with money.


I earn around 120-150$ per day. As much as 90 percent of this income is passive. To an unaccustomed reader of this article, the method is outlined as follows:

  • There are many porn videos recorded with cams on the net. Download as many as you can. Ensure that there are no watermarks in the videos.
  • If there are any watermarks, try to remove them with a watermark remover software. It is difficult, if not impossible to remove watermarks from videos. There are many watermark remover tools available at premium prices. If you can afford a premium tool, then you can download the videos with watermarks.
  • There should not be any trademarks / links in the downloaded videos. If there are any, sever the video. Again, you may have to use premium tools to remove links and trademarks from the video. This entire process of undoing trademarks, links and watermarks is herculean. It is therefore recommended to download videos with zero trademarks and zero watermarks.
  • There are many videos available on the net with zero trademarks and zero watermarks. Be patient and surf every corner of the web.
  • The next step is to register a domain and opt for a reliable hosting service.
  • Now, upload videos to various porn sites with your money making link. Money now shows up in many ways!

Now that you have a bird’s eye view of the big picture, let us now explore the nuances of the big picture.

Create accounts in porn sites

To begin with, create an account in

At the top right hand corner of the web page, you will see ‘Create Account’ icon. Click the icon and complete your profile. You will be prompted to fill details such as Profile name, password, country, city, sex, date of birth etc.  The account page contains various links that redirect you to RSS updates, advertising platforms, removal of content, terms of agreement and service etc. Please read the terms of service. Do not be in haste as haste makes waste. So, rather than turning a blind eye to the terms and conditions, read each and every line. The best thing about is that it is completely user intuitive.

Sometimes, the administrators of may delete your videos for some controversial content. Identify the reasons, remove the controversial content, tweak the content of the video and upload it again. They shall accept the videos. Don’t worry, unless and until there is a horrible and terrible breach in terms and conditions, the admins will not ban you.

It is very much possible to make accounts on every porn site on the internet. Apart from xvideos, you can make a profile in the following sites:

  • Porn Hub
  • xHamster
  • Beeg
  • XNXX
  • You Porn
  • Mad Thumbs
  • Porner Bros
  • Red Tube
  • VideoLoves You
  • Big Tits
  • Alpha Porno
  • Wet Pussy
  • Girls On Girls Tube

Download Porn Videos

It is not necessary to download videos recorded with webcam. As a matter of fact, you can download videos which you think porn viewers will like watching. As mentioned earlier, videos should not have any trademark and watermark.

To find best webcam videos, visit

You can download the videos either by clicking the download button on the websites or by using software such as CatchVideo. Catchvideo helper is available as a browser extension. You can add the extension here.  Another reputed software is ClipGrab. You can download the software here.

It is important to stay organized. Hence, create a folder with a name such as ‘Porn Videos’. Every day, create a sub-folder.  Download at-least 10 videos, store these videos in the sub-folder and upload them on ten different websites.

Create a CrakRevenue Account

A question that boggles every amateur adult webmaster is: What is CrakRevenue?

CrakRevenue is a private and an adult CPA network, owned by adult niche experts. For your information, CPA stands for Cost per Acquisition. The amount of money you earn with CrakRevenue heavily depends on the type of offer you opted for. Essentially, there are three types of offers:

  • PPL- Pay per Lead
  • PPS- Pay per Sale
  • Revshare- Revenue Sharing

PPL stands for Pay per Lead. For every potential lead, you can earn anywhere between $2 and $3. A potential lead is any user who signs up on an affiliate porn website. The user need not purchase anything. However, certain amount of conversion rate is mandatory and desirable. CrakRevenue team internally monitors the conversion rate of your traffic. If the number of conversions is abysmal, this earning opportunity might closed for you. The key to potential leads is to send quality traffic.  Whenever you send quality traffic, chances of actual conversion take place.

PPS stands for Pay per Sale. The conversion rates are not as high as PPL program. In PPS offer, visitors have to pay money for something. For instance, visitors have to pay money to become members of the porn websites or forums. For every potential convert, the pay is lucrative. It is usually between %35 and $75 per sign up.

Revenue Sharing: This offer fetches you recurring income. Whenever a registered user renews his / her membership subscription, you will earn certain commission which is generally around 15-30% of the membership renewal price. They may not be as lucrative as Pay per Sale offers. However, revenue sharing provides you a nice long term income provided, you have quite a good number of sign ups.

To promote the CrakRevenue offers, you should first submit an application. If your application is inconsequential, it will be rejected. CrakRevenue team claims that nearly 60% of all the applications are rejected. To be an integral part of the remaining 40% elite CrakRevenue community, it is important to submit a great application. Sometimes, spelling mistakes can result in denial of your application. Be diligent and pay attention to every minutest detail.

Do not write too much. Do not be verbose. Mention your genuine sources of traffic in the application. Do not try to cheat the CrakRevenue team. No matter how much ever you try to hoodwink them, the CrakRevenue team is bound to outsmart you. Be genuine. Mention the names of other CPA networks that accepted your website.

More often than not, CrakRevenue pays you through Payoneer. If you are based in US, CrakRevenue pays you through checks. Otherwise, payments are facilitated through Payoneer. Create your Payoneer account here. It costs you nothing.

Buy a Domain Name and a Hosting Provider

Buy a domain name. Ensure that it contains words such as ‘cams’ or ‘webcam’. Your target audiences get connected with such domain names. For instance, people have been consistently responding in good faith with sites such as Domain name should convey the adult niche of your website.

After purchasing the domain name, it is important to choose a hosting service. There are many hosting providers in the market. Unfortunately, not many are reliable. In adult hosting, M3 Server is superior to its peers. Its plans start from $20/ month. You should know about your server requirements, bandwidth and RAM plans, SSL certificates and Content Delivery Network. For any assistance, you may talk to the support staff of M3 Server. They are a reputed and trustworthy organization. They have been in the business since 1996. Visit the website here.

Well, this is your only monetary investment. This is an astute investment as free hosting providers enforce a lot of restrictions. For instance, they may command you to display their own hosting banner ads. It is highly likely that their customer service will be deplorable. It is therefore recommended to bet your chances on M3 Server.

Once your domain and hosting platforms are ready, redirect your domain accordingly. From your CrakRevenue account, choose an offer. To begin with, choose PPL (Pay per Lead). Gradually, opt for PPS (Pay per Sale). You just need to create your own offer links. Whenever a cam girl joins a membership site through your offer link, certain commission will be credited in your Payoneer account. If you are not well versed with the process of redirecting your account, ask M3 Server support staff. They will help you.

Upload the videos and make money

Once you download the videos, you have to rename the file. Ensure that the name of the file has some keywords. Make the name all the more attractive. For instance, “Tina having sex for the first time” should be renamed as: “Brunette loses her virginity to a white dick”. At the end of the video, add your domain name or a sentence such as: To view the full video, visit Be consistent in uploading the videos.

To build a porn site, you should purchase a turnkey software. has earned a sterling reputation for its diverse range of products. Visit the website here. As an alternative option, you can buy a porn site. In case of any concerns, feel free to ask any questions. Drop a line or two in the comments section. I will answer in a day or two.  I can help you build a porn site as well. Cheers!

How to Start an Adult Toy Store Business Today?

Sex Sells and Sex Toys Sell with Grace

It is no denying that sex sells all over the world and in continents such as North America, sex toys sell with grace. Why is it so? When customers order for sex toys, they need not talk with anyone. They need not look at their neighbors in the eye. Toys are packed and the entire package is wrapped neatly. Nobody knows what is being shipped.

Sex Toy Business

By running an adult toy store, you can make piles of cash. To spice up their sex life, most of the couples of different ages are vouching for sex toys. Also, most of the individuals, especially young women prefer sex toys such as dildos and vibrators to add a little excitement to their self-pleasure activities. Start your own sex toy business and cater to the requirements of such people. You are not alone in this 15 billion US dollar adult sex toy business. You are bound to face intense competition in this profitable business. To build your sex toy business, make use of turnkey software. Internet is full of turnkey software, but not every software is worth purchasing.


Turnkey Software for Sex Toy Business

Purchase a turnkey software for sex toy business that allows you to do the following:

  • Brand your retail sex toy store
  • Customize the adult toy store
  • Identify the best bondage wear
  • Set competitive prices

Drop Shipping

No doubt, the entire adult sex toy industry is saturated with drop shippers. For your information, drop shippers are suppliers, generally third party suppliers. You need not maintain any inventory in your store. Whenever you get an order from a customer, list the order on the merchandize of suppliers. It will be directly shipped to the respective address of the customers. This is a proven retail fulfillment method. Unfortunately, this fulfillment method is being exploited as the prices of the toys are tagged at soaring prices every now and then.

How much can you earn?

It is important that you markup the prices of the toys by not more than 30 – 50%. This will fetch you decent amount of profits. In other words, if the whole sale price of a black dildo is $20, you can set the market price as $30. You will be able to earn a profit of $10.

Niche vs Micro – Niche

Adult toys is a very big niche in itself. I recommend you to narrow down to a micro niche. This improves your chances of ruling the micro-niche. For instance, one of the micro niches is Dildos and Dongs. Most of the gay audiences and women looking for sexual self-pleasure are your target audiences. Display dildos and dongs of every possible shade and size.  Some of the types of dildos are enlisted below:

  • Vibrating Dildos
  • Ejaculating Dildos
  • Harness Dildos
  • Strapless Dildos
  • Suction Cup Dildos
  • Double headed Dildos
  • Glass Dildos
  • Silicone Dildos
  • Anal Dildos
  • G-spot Dildos
  • Large Dildos
  • Porn Star modeled Dildos
  • Black Dildos

Explore the various categories and sub-categories and try to include them in your store. Your online store should be the ideal destination for anyone who is looking for dildo of his / her choice.

To know more about your target market, target long tail keywords. For micro niches, competition is not so intense. Micro-niches attract more quality traffic. Let me draw an analogy here- If you are targeting the whole adult toy store, you will be getting a very small piece of a very big cake. On the other hand, if you target a micro-niche, you will be able to eat a whole cake!

SEO- Is it really important?

Undoubtedly, SEO is important in any online website business. However, in case of adult toy store business, the role of SEO is limited. You have to spend some decent money on PPC (Pay per Click) campaigns so as to ensure that returns are phenomenal. For instance, you may have to spend around $100 on PPC to identify those long-tail keywords which have low competition and high search volume. Out of 10000 visitors who visit your site, try to convert at-least 500 customers. You will make a fortune!

Tool for keyword Strategy

Most of the webmasters choose tools such as SEO PowerSuite and Semantic Juice to identify long tailed keywords. Not that these tools do not work, but I prefer SEMRush. SEMRush is a complete competitive intelligence package that can help you in social media research. From SEO to PPC, SEMRush offers insights on everything. And yes, it offers valuable insights on video advertising research as well.

Now that you have understood the importance of micro-niche and long-tail keywords in adult sex toy business, let me share my two cents on the various features that you should look for in a turnkey software for sex toy business.

Adult Payment Gateways

The whole purpose of starting an adult toy store is to make profits. If the turnkey software for sex toy business doesn’t come with PayPal integration, payment collection from customers becomes difficult. Ensure that the marketplace you choose has a provision for Cash on Delivery as well.

Drop Shipping API

This has become a necessary evil. An ideal marketplace should support product inventory of at-least 50000+ toys from leading brands and top manufacturers. Moreover, the turnkey software product should have a provision for discreet shipping and variable pricing.

XML and CSV Feed Importer

This module or feature should allow the marketplace administrator to download product feed in CSV and XML format. Apart from this, he / she must be able to bulk upload products through this module.

Completely Customizable

When it comes to customization, sex toy marketplaces should come with a multitude of themes, colors, logos and content blocks. It is even better if the marketplaces are built on popular frameworks such as WordPress.

Responsive Design

Online sex toy stores should look pixel perfect on all devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. This is possible only if the marketplace is built by using Bootstrap 3 framework.

Smart Search Filters

If your potential customers are searching for dildos of various sizes, this feature should essentially help them. In other words, smart search filters should help shoppers search for sex toys by price, color, location, ratings, reviews, category and sub-category.

Coupon Code

Sex toy marketplaces should let you reward your loyal customers by offering discount coupons on various toys. Coupons can be of flat price or percentage on the toys’ price. Adult toy marketplaces should allow you to create unlimited coupons. You should be able to set the expiry date accordingly.

Search Engine Optimization

In sex-toy business, SEO plays a limited role. However, you cannot afford to miss a few foundational features such as Meta title, Meta description etc. Each and every toy should be associated with a relevant keyword. Adult toy marketplaces should have adequate features for better indexing and ranking. They should help you create search engine friendly URLs.

SEO Perfect Company

Robust Administrator Functionality

Administrators of sex toy marketplaces should have access to back-end functionality. They should be able to manage user profiles and grant access privileges. They can create invoices, configure payments and leverage features such as email notification, drop shipping API etc.

Revenue Models

Here comes the most interesting part- The very purpose of starting a sex toy business is to earn piles of cash. This can be achieved only if your marketplace supports various types of revenue models such as:

  • Amazon Affiliate program
  • Adult Sex toys affiliate program
  • Subscription model
  • Banners and advertisements
  • Commission on Drop Shipped toys

I have been in this business for the past 10 years and I can assert that xMarketplace product of has all the aforementioned features. They are running a holiday deal on various products. The company is highly reliable and their customer service is praiseworthy. Do visit for further details.

If you have any queries regarding adult toy store business, feel free to drop a line or two in the comments section. I will reply within 24 hours. Keep watching this space for insightful stuff. Cheers!

Definitive Guide for Best Adult Tube Script Online

The popularity of adult tube sites is growing rapidly, and it is no secret why there is big money in the business of adult websites. Everyone knows that there are millions of porn sites available on the internet. But there are only a few which have millions of visitors every day. You must be thinking why only a handful of porn sites are being visited by the most number of users. The answer to your question is the way they present and manage their content and all of this is done by a Content Management System (CMS) software. Very few number of porn sites have the most number of visitors, and it is because of their content quality and superior design of their websites. The top porn sites are designed in a way which let the user find the type and quality of porn he / she is looking for. And this increases the number of everyday users visiting their sites, which in turn brings them a lot of revenue.

Everyone has at least once thought to create a porn site, and this idea usually emerges in our mind because we know there is good money in this business. Yes, there is a lot of money, but fortune favours only the knowledgeable souls.

The key to create a porn site lies in the porn tube script you use. The pornography business can be very profitable and lucrative if done in the right way, with the best software. There have been many companies and individuals, who have tried and failed because they weren’t well informed about the best adult tube scripts in this business. Here we are creating a definitive guide for the best adult tube scripts online, and we are going to start with the advantages of video tube site script.


Advantages of Adult Tube Scripts

Adult tube script makes it very easy for you to start your own porn site. There are many different kinds of adult tube scripts available in the market, with different advantages. Some of them are free and some cost you a little. While looking for the best adult tube scripts for your website, here are some important advantages or features which you must ensure it has.

  1. Responsive Design:Nowadays, there are several designs and variants of smartphones and desktops available in the market, and no matter what kind of device the user is using, it is the developer’s job to create such a design which is best suited for all the devices. The responsive design feature of the porn tube script shall give you the ability to serve every user, doesn’t matter which type of device the users are using.
  2. Multiple Video Format Support:If your site has videos in different formats, then it will become easier for the user to stream and download the video because there are many devices which support different formats. This feature should give you the freedom to upload the video in any format, and the video tube site script shall convert and make it available to the users in various types of formats (which are used nowadays).
  3. High Definition Content: The porn tube script must allow not only HD content but also in low quality as well for users with low spec devices. There are countries where people have access to high speed internet and they can easily stream HD content, but still, there are many places where the speed of internet is still slow. And to let the users from such places have access to your videos, the video tube site scriptsoftware must have a feature which makes all the videos available in all qualities ranging from 4k to at least 360p.
  4. Search Engine Optimized: This is basically one of the most important features which is a must. For any website to have the number of visitors more the others, it is very important to have their website search engine optimized. The adult tube scriptsoftware must use new search engine friendly URLs, which will keep your website ahead of other adult tube sites in search engine rankings. It will also generate better traffic towards your adult tube sites.

There are many other important features like subscription based membership, payment gateways, Multilanguage system and much more, and you must look out for these while selecting your script software for the adult tube sites.

There are a large number of porn sites from almost every part of the world. They all use various kinds of script software for their adult tube sites. Here are the 5 of the best adult tube scripts software which are used by them.

Best Adult Tube Script Software

  1. xStreamer by  Adent’s xStreamer adult tube site software is all that you need to start your own adult tube site. You can get the scripts that shall allow you to easily create your very own adult tube site, along with the tools of monetization. The host feature of xStreamer simplifies the set up process and provides you with additional and powerful features. Here are some of those important features of Adent’s xStreamer.
  • User Profiles and Personalization: An adult tube site has content varying from different categories, and not every user likes the content from all the categories. Every user has a different taste and loves to express about the content which he / she loves to see. With this feature of xStreamer, you can have the ability to create a personalized login setup for users, and users will be able to like, comment and share the content with their friends. This feature covers the social aspect of your adult tube site too. The more the people share, the more shall be the popularity of your adult tube site.
  • Multiple Video Format Support: With this feature of xStreamer and xStreamer Lite, you can upload the same video in multiple formats without any additional tweaks. The user along with you can have the freedom to publish the content in any format you want, without worrying about the technicalities. The formats which are supported include: mp4, DivX, FLV, MPEG, 3gp and much more.
  • High Definition Content: To make your adult tube site compatible for all types of users, this feature from xStreamer lets you have the option to make the content available from 2K, 4K to even 480p, and the users with low speed connection shall also be able to stream the videos from your adult tube site.
  • Technically Sound: The xStreamer and xStreamer Lite are built on the most popular PHP Laravel framework, and uses Nginx RTSP video streaming. Whatever niche you choose, you will always have the best tube scripts available.
  • Responsive Design: The responsive design feature of xStreamer and xStreamer Lite gives the ability to serve every type of user with its responsive back and front end. This feature makes the design of adult tube site which can be accessed from any device, with all the bundled features.
  • Multilanguage System – Internationalization: The users who visit your adult tube site will not be from a single country or familiar with only English language. Many users from around the world like to see the website in their own language. With this feature from xStreamer, your adult tube site will be able to support multiple languages. All thanks to xStreamer, you can add newly supported languages right from the admin panel.
  • Multiple Streaming Backends: With the xStreamer supporting a plenty of streaming servers, there are much more options which means much more flexibility for you. Some of the supported servers that work well with xStreamer are Adobe FMS, Wowza Streaming Server, Nginx rtmp, etc. The list is quite big.
  • Bulk Video Upload: The problem which most of the video streaming sites face is not having the option to upload videos in bulk. With this feature of xStreamer, you will be able to upload all the videos in bulk, right from the admin panel. This feature shall allow instant inflow of content on your adult tube site.
  • Rotating Thumbnails: This is a very new feature which is available on xStreamer only for you. This feature creates a number of thumbnails for every video and rotates them in a neat UX frame when the cursor hovers over the video file. This way, the user can have a short look at the video content, without having to really play it.
  • Payment Gateways:  Just like many adult tube sites, some content is free but most of the content is paid (or premium). And to make any content payable to watch, you first need to have payment gateways. xStreamer provides you with the built in payment gateways like Paywall, CCBill, and Epay. There are over 20 additional payment gateways available within the software, which you can use as add-ons. xStreamer features robust and highly secure payment mechanism.
  • Revenue Channels: You can monetize your adult tube website with this feature from xStreamer and xStreamer Lite. You can use multiple channels such as sponsored results, banner ads, highlighted stories, sponsored results, and embedded video ads and much more.
  • Search Engine Optimized: For any website to have the number of visitors higher than that of others, ‘Search Engine Optimization’ should be leveraged effectively. xStreamer uses new search engine friendly URLs which keep your website way ahead of other adult tube sites in search engine rankings. This feature will always bring more and more visitors towards your adult tube site, which shall make it a big success.
  • Subscription Based Membership: Subscription based membership system makes it very easy for you to manage multiple price points and plans. This way, you can easily let the users download and stream videos, only which must be available to them according to their plan selection.
  • HTML5 Video Fallback: The devices which don’t have Adobe Flash Player should have HTML5 player’s support. Many tablets and smartphones don’t have Adobe Flash player and with this feature, xStreamer falls back to HTML5, which streams the videos in the mobile version with a proper resolution. This also uses less bandwidth and the data on the user end is saved.
  • Admin Everything: With xStreamer, you get the power to configure and administer all the aspects of your platform. You have the complete power over your adult tube site with xStreamer, which is not possible in every other tube site script.

There are many more features of xStreamer, which are very useful and important in creating an adult website.

Adult Video Script: Adult video script offers several serviceslike adult video, adult images and website hosting. Enlisted below are some its features –

  • Video Conversion Engine: With video conversion engine in this script software, you can upload HD videos for mobile which are web ready and available in several resolutions for users who are accessing the content from both mobile and computer.
  • Responsive Templates: The script allows the website to offer responsive templates, so that the website can immediately adapt to any screen size.
  • Multilanguage System – Internationalization: The user can choose the language of his / her choice. Multilanguage system shall make it easier for your foreign visitors who don’t speak English as their first language. The script has a Multilanguage system.
  • Search Engine Optimized: All the hosted sites by Adult Video Script are SEO optimized. This feature lets your website to have better chances in indexing and ranking, resulting in more traffic, and of course, more profit.
  • Customization: You will have the complete freedom to customize the website as per your whims and fancies. You can add new features and change the layout and more.
  1. TubeAce: This adult website script software is specifically used for WordPress. WordPress is one of the top platforms used by several people to host their websites. This script software can directly be added to your WordPress website. You can add videos with a theme or a plugin from TubeAce. With this script, you can transform your WordPress website into an adult website within seconds. Here are some features of TubeAce –
  • Ability to let you choose adult videos from thousands of adult websites.
  • Every theme works for premium WordPress websites, including two HTML 5 responsive themes. The themes are capable of immediately resizing the website according to the device the user is using to access the website.
  • No limitation in Bandwidth. As you are hosting the video, there will be no limit to the bandwidth you intend to use. Importing and embedding videos from different top adult sites like RedTube, PornHub, PornTube can be done very easily.
  1. Smart Tube PRO: This tube script software focuses on content management for an adult website. You can use this script software for images, videos, content and hosting. Your website’s every requirement to function optimally can be obtained using this script. Here are some features of it –
  • Allows the videos in different formats, so that they can be accessed from any type of device.
  • Access to full site template.
  • Option for 60 seconds previews of every video.
  • No bandwidth problem. As the images are self-hosted on your website itself, there is no need to worry about bandwidth.
  • Watermark can be put on the original videos, images and files.
  1. WordPress Tube Plugin: WPTubePlugin is basically a plugin/script which lets you grab videos from over hundreds of adult websites. With this script, you can also select a theme for your website from a number of themes available. Here are some more features of this script software –
  • With this script software, you can import videos from different porn sites automatically.
  • More than one hundred themes are available for you to choose from.
  • 24 by 7 online customer support lets you never face any problem for long. Get instant answers to your questions.

While starting an adult website, it is very important to select an adult tube script software, as it makes everything so much easier. It also helps you to maximize your site’s potential. Don’t waste your time and money by doing daunting tasks manually when everything can be done by a single script software. Select the best suited script software for your adult website today. Cheers!


How to Create a Free Porn Site?

Reputed porn sites such as Pornhub, YouPorn, RedTube, xHamster etc., have the charm, enticement and authenticity to mesmerize and thrill the viewers. Every feature in reputed porn sites comes shining through. Be it a video that has been recently uploaded or an elaborate cam show, everything is carefully scripted, planned and orchestrated. To say that porn industry is chasing big numbers would be an understatement. It is estimated that as much as 35 billion US $revenue is earned through sex-related entertainment businesses. While this number seems colossal, it is noteworthy to mention that all major reputed porn sites nearly account for as much as 75 percent of the revenue.

There is no infamy in running a porn site. The opportunity to run a lucrative porn site can hardly be ignored. While it takes some hard and highly risky pursuits, immense efforts and supreme expertise in programming and prominent technology stacks to start your porn site from scratch, it is best suggested to create a free porn site by leveraging the features of celebrated turnkey scripts such as xStreamer product of To clock a decent number of visits and page hits, it is important that you use a feature-rich product like xStreamer.


Enlisted below is a detailed note on how to create a porn site:

Choose a niche

The first and foremost step is to choose a niche. It all boils down to choosing an adult niche such as Incest, Celebrity, Petite, Blonde, Amateur, Gay etc. Ensure that there is always a provision for couples and singles to register themselves in your site. Here is a piece of advice- It is best to choose a niche that is under-served. For example, ‘Incest’ is one such under-served niche.

Buy a domain name

The next step is to buy a relevant domain name. It always makes sense to buy a domain name that reveals your niche. For example, the domain name clearly signifies that it contains as assortment of adult videos.  Ensure that your site is global. By going global, your site fetches a lot more revenue. Therefore, it is recommended to double check if your relevant domain name has the .com extension.

Protect your privacy

Though people watch porn, they do not like to reveal their penchant for extreme porn watching. Following the same line of thoughts, many people refrain themselves from revealing that they are the owners of adult websites. Thanks to WhoisGuard, a reputed privacy protection tool, people can do away with such fears and take pleasure in anonymity.

Content Management System

Quite unsurprisingly, you require a CMS (Content Management System) that can effectively manage your digital content and engage multiple users. It is best to use xStreamer product of as it provides extremely conducive and collaborative environment. xStreamer is endowed with brilliant video uploading and embedding options. Videos of various formats such as AVI, WMV, QuickTime, DIVX, MPEG etc. are supported. In addition, there is a provision of uploading videos in bulk. There is yet another endearing feature of grabbing videos from other porn sites and uploading it to your website.   

Create Interactive and Dynamic Web Pages

To create interactive and dynamic web pages, you require expertise in HTML 5, CSS, Bootstrap3 and PHP. Thanks to xStreamer that is built with Laravel framework, many attractive templates and layouts are always available in the gallery. You can cherry pick a template and make your website look attractive, interactive and dynamic. The best thing about xStreamer is that the videos that you upload to your site can be played on smart phones, tablets etc. Your website becomes mobile optimized and mobile compatible. Your porn site looks exemplary on both desktops and PDAs.

Have a scalable architecture

Let me define the meaning of the word ‘scalable’ for you. If the number of users and viewers increases, your website should not become slow. It should not crash. If it crashes, it clearly indicates that your website is non-scalable. You can obviate such fears if you hedge your bets on xStreamer product. Websites created and configured on xStreamer have a long standing reputation of being highly scalable.

Revenue Model

This is undoubtedly the most important aspect. Websites that are created by using xStreamer product are power-packed with various monetization options such as banners, ads, subscription options etc. Each and every registered user can either opt for free content or premium content. It is left to his/her volition.

Adult Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is all about spreading the good word of your content or somebody’s content by sharing affiliate links. This is rewarding and highly profitable. Some of the famous adult affiliate sites are ClickCash, InsaneDollars etc.  Again, xStreamer comes into picture. If you have a blog, you can link it with your website and share affiliate links.

Search Engine Optimization

For your porn site to survive and fair well in the lucrative and highly competitive porn industry, page indexing and ranking play a vital role. Indexing and ranking are related to Search Engine Optimization. Websites designed on xStreamer are search engine optimized. They take not more than 5 second to load.

Sell Videos

By selling high quality HD videos, you can make a fortune. Thanks to the presence of highly sophisticated and advanced video player, videos can be played and watched with effortless ease.  

Now that you are acquainted with how to build a porn site, I recommend you to buy xStreamer product and start your own porn business. Build a porn site and experience the magical moments of making some big money. Cheers!

How Adult Dropshipping Works?

Pornography, in this generation, as we all know, is majorly about online porn videos. But the real meaning of pornography is much more than that. In general, the term pornography means the visual depictions which are intended to sexually arouse the person viewing it. It could be in the form of magazines, pictures, adult television channels, or even VHS movies. Nowadays, it is limited to mostly adult videos on the internet, but most of the porn and camming shows which can be found all over the internet include sex toys. Basically, sex toys are used in almost every porn video nowadays, and the sex toy industry in the past few years has grown to a much greater stage than ever thought of. But, what really are sex toys?

What are Sex Toys?

For all intents and purposes, a sex toy is an object or a device, which is used in certain sexual activities that enhance the human sexual pleasure. Sex toys come in different types of toys. It can be a vibrator, a dildo or even BDSM apparatuses. In the earlier days, when sex toys were not so popular among the general public, they were normally sold at a sex shop. But as the technology has taken over the regular shopping experience to a new level, now there are many sites which are solely dedicated to selling sex toys. You can also call these sites a dedicated marketplace for sex toys. And these sites are not just a handful of low profiting sites, it is worth mentioning that the adult sex toys market is huge. You might not believe me, but it is a 15 billion dollar industry, and by the year 2020, this industry is going to become a 52 billion dollar one.

To tell you the truth, sex toys weren’t that much loved by people in the 90s or before that. Only some high class and rich people used to be interested in these kinds of sexual fetish. What made them really popular almost among everyone was porn. Porn videos and adult camming played a very important role in getting the interest of people towards this new toy from the adult factory: sex toys. Soon the demand started increasing, and within a few years, the porn site owners saw the opportunity of making huge profits and started adult sex toy online stores. People have started losing their fear and they are willing to try new things in their sexual life, which is quite the reason why adult factory made sex toys are becoming so much profitable.

How to start a Sex Toy Business?

You must be thinking how to start a porn website as it can be a way to starting an adult website. Actually, starting sex toy business is as easy as starting an adult website. Adult website business is very popular, but the thing about sex toy business is, here money sells money. The SEO is quite pointless in this business and it is all about paying $1 and to get $1.50. And yes, you can make a niche out of keywords. You should target the long keywords. Also, the most important thing in adult website business is traffic. You have to attract quality traffic. If you spend $100 per day on the PPC marketing – you will get around 1000 visits on your website. If you spend $100 on PPC for the long tailed keywords – you will easily attract 1000 visitors – provided the long tailed keywords has low competition and decent search volume. Finding those keywords is important. Also keep in mind that you do not have to select any kind of free hosted solution. They are slow and are outdated tech.


Even their design looks old. You might get a free domain etc. but there is no sense in giving them 40% of your sale. We have come up with a solution to this – xMarketplace. It is built on a popular PHP framework – CodeIgniter and uses MySQL for the database backend. To highlight, it has got all the necessary features to run a business ready adult toy store. xMarketplace is the most SIMPLE way to start your sex toy business online. You can start selling adult toys and novelties using their single vendor or Marketplace script. It is the most powerful adult toy store script built with cutting edge technology. In a simple language, it is basically a turnkey software to build a porn site for your adult toy business. In other words, you do not have to worry about the questions such as, how to build a porn site. The main feature of it is, it has also got drop shipping API and adult payment gateway integrated by default. Basically, lots of websites use drop shippers to ship the product with the prices hacked up. But, if you narrow down a micro niche or a second level sub category – there are high chances you can rule the niche to make profits. The main question here isn’t how to start a porn website nor is it how to build a porn site. But the biggest question here is what and how to use drop shipping?

Let us now see, how drop shipping works in several parts of the world.

For Running an Adult Toy Store in the US

xMarketplace from Adent offers a complete package for your adult toy business. Most of the new sex toy store owners have trouble finding the best vendor, but with xMarketplace, there is nothing to worry about. The drop shipping API can be used to pull products from adult toy drop shippers and you can sell them with whatever prices you want to sell them for. is one of the biggest drop shippers which ships sex toys inside the US. It also brings you 100,000+ item inventory from IVD and ECN. It features a huge assortment of products from more than 500 vendors. Discreet shipping and you have control over the pricing of products. There is no hassle in using it. The customer on your site will place the orders, then it is your choice to send them manually, or you can set your website to send them the orders automatically. The moment they receive the order, they will pick the items ordered, and pack them. The order will be shipped by them directly to your customers. The order shall contain your company name on the receipt. Whatever was the cost for that item, that will be collected be, and the rest of the profit above that is all yours. They have over 100,000 adult products, which include Adult DVDs and Adult Novelties from the top studios and manufacturers

Shipping Outside US: If you want to expand your business outside the US soil, there are many options available for you on xMarketplace. There are several drop shippers available on xMarketplace according to different countries. If you want to sell the products through your site to Europe, xMarketplace has They only ship their products to Europe. Similarly, there are different drop shippers for different countries. You can select them accordingly from xMarketplace.

For Running Adult Toy store in Europe

xMarketplace is the simplest way to kick start your adult toy business online. You can just buy a domain, and start selling sex toys and novelties using the single vendor or Marketplace script. xMarketplace has one of the most powerful adult toy store script helping you to build a porn site, which is built using cutting edge technology. But all this is not what we are talking about here. xMarketplace offers drop shipping API. is one of the leading drop shippers in Europe.

If you run your own adult business but do not have the facility or finance to hold a large stock inventory, the drop shipping service from should ideally be your best bet. What really happens is, you don’t have to do anything. You just take your customers orders and process them through for them to fulfil. Then they take it from there and deal with the logistics of fulfilling your orders. All accompanying paperwork that leaves their warehouse will be generic with no descriptive company contact information enabling you to keep a one to one relationship with your customer. There is no indication that AdultToySupplier has shipped their order. Also, by not investing time and money into stock until you have already made the sale, you are freeing up cash flow and man power for other activities in your business. You will just have to pay their standard wholesale price for goods, plus shipping costs.

For Shipping Outside Europe: There is always an urge to cross the border, and sell your products in different countries. And it is good to indulge in cross border commerce. With xMarketplace, you won’t have to suffer for selling your products to people outside the European territory. xMarketplace integrates with drop shippers from different countries, so that you can sell products from your site all over the globe. If you want to expand your business in India, and there are several users from India who want to buy products from your site, xMarketplace shall integrate your business with the drop shipper from India,, and your job is done. Rest of it will be taken care of by the Indian drop shipping company. You have to pay for their standard charges, and the profit will be all yours.

For Running Adult Toy Store in India

xMarketplace allows you to run your own adult toy store. You can either have your own adult toy inventory and shipping it using their USPS shipping API or use their sex toy drop shipping API which comes built-in and automate the inventory and shipping process. You don’t have to own any inventory at all. In India, is a well renowned adult toys drop shipping site. Their drop shipping program offers you the opportunity to sell sex toys in India and worldwide without investments or keeping stock.

You just have to simply sell their products to your customers. Once you collect the payment, you forward them the order details and then they shall ship the products to your customers for you. You can spend all your time on just promoting your business and making sales. The products from are all of high quality. They will provide you with all of their catalogues which will have all the information about their products, and you can then publish it on your sex store site for sale. You can set any price you desire. After collecting the payment from your customer, you just have to take your cut, and send the remaining (marked price) of those products to

The drop shipping companies are known to support Indian adult toys market. Most of the drop shippers are interested in shipping their products to India. is one such leading drop shipper from India and has various warehouses in India and Hong Kong. With the support of drop shippers from around the world, the sex toy market in India is finally growing, and it is all legal as well. Selling sex toys in India is completely legal, these items are not banned for import or sale in India, and there is no legal bar for their sale. The concern arises only in the manner in which these sex toys / apparels and related products are displayed and exhibited for sale in India. Under the Indian Law, obscenity is an offence.

When Would Drop Shipping Sex Toys be a Good Option for You?

  • If you have a website and do not want to buy a lot of stock.
  • You do not want to make a big investment to get inventory.
  • You want to make high profits because you get a great dropship price.
  • If you don’t like the hassle of packing, addressing and shipping products all the time.

If you have trouble finding customers for your site, there are ways to get them too. One of the most common methods is content marketing. Writing creative and controversial articles will always attract more traffic towards your store.

Social media traffic from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr etc. is always good for promotion. However, Facebook doesn’t support adult marketing, and twitter also prohibits sex toy promotion. But if you take a look at the live feed, many people market their toy store products on Twitter. Instead of spamming like others, you need to use a few growth hacking techniques – setup automation tools and find out people who talk about adult toys, follow #adulttoys or without # – retweet those tweets and start a conversation from the official twitter account. You can also try PPC campaigns, adult ad networks, posts on adult forums.

The world of sex toys is growing at much faster rate than it used to be in the last 15 years. The adult toy industry is expected to cross the target of 100 billion dollars by the year 2025, and there is no one stopping it. Jump in, and use the services of xMarketplace to start and expand your own sex toy online store.