How I Make Passive Income from Porn Sites?

Porn is one of the marquee consequences of evolution of internet. The first benefit of porn, which is elementary, concerns itself with the pleasures of satisfying the sexual fantasies of viewers. The second benefit of porn, which is monetary, concerns itself with the profound fortune of feathering the nests of adult webmasters. Is there any magic pill to live high off the hog? Sadly, there aren’t any magic pills. The only way to earn a decent passive income is to work smartly. This post will cover how to make money with porn. You should invest at-least three hours per day initially to earn decent passive income. If you are not ready to put in enough efforts, please do not expect best results. In porn industry, it is difficult to negotiate efforts with money.


I earn around 120-150$ per day. As much as 90 percent of this income is passive. To an unaccustomed reader of this article, the method is outlined as follows:

  • There are many porn videos recorded with cams on the net. Download as many as you can. Ensure that there are no watermarks in the videos.
  • If there are any watermarks, try to remove them with a watermark remover software. It is difficult, if not impossible to remove watermarks from videos. There are many watermark remover tools available at premium prices. If you can afford a premium tool, then you can download the videos with watermarks.
  • There should not be any trademarks / links in the downloaded videos. If there are any, sever the video. Again, you may have to use premium tools to remove links and trademarks from the video. This entire process of undoing trademarks, links and watermarks is herculean. It is therefore recommended to download videos with zero trademarks and zero watermarks.
  • There are many videos available on the net with zero trademarks and zero watermarks. Be patient and surf every corner of the web.
  • The next step is to register a domain and opt for a reliable hosting service.
  • Now, upload videos to various porn sites with your money making link. Money now shows up in many ways!

Now that you have a bird’s eye view of the big picture, let us now explore the nuances of the big picture.

Create accounts in porn sites

To begin with, create an account in

At the top right hand corner of the web page, you will see ‘Create Account’ icon. Click the icon and complete your profile. You will be prompted to fill details such as Profile name, password, country, city, sex, date of birth etc.  The account page contains various links that redirect you to RSS updates, advertising platforms, removal of content, terms of agreement and service etc. Please read the terms of service. Do not be in haste as haste makes waste. So, rather than turning a blind eye to the terms and conditions, read each and every line. The best thing about is that it is completely user intuitive.

Sometimes, the administrators of may delete your videos for some controversial content. Identify the reasons, remove the controversial content, tweak the content of the video and upload it again. They shall accept the videos. Don’t worry, unless and until there is a horrible and terrible breach in terms and conditions, the admins will not ban you.

It is very much possible to make accounts on every porn site on the internet. Apart from xvideos, you can make a profile in the following sites:

  • Porn Hub
  • xHamster
  • Beeg
  • XNXX
  • You Porn
  • Mad Thumbs
  • Porner Bros
  • Red Tube
  • VideoLoves You
  • Big Tits
  • Alpha Porno
  • Wet Pussy
  • Girls On Girls Tube

Download Porn Videos

It is not necessary to download videos recorded with webcam. As a matter of fact, you can download videos which you think porn viewers will like watching. As mentioned earlier, videos should not have any trademark and watermark.

To find best webcam videos, visit

You can download the videos either by clicking the download button on the websites or by using software such as CatchVideo. Catchvideo helper is available as a browser extension. You can add the extension here.  Another reputed software is ClipGrab. You can download the software here.

It is important to stay organized. Hence, create a folder with a name such as ‘Porn Videos’. Every day, create a sub-folder.  Download at-least 10 videos, store these videos in the sub-folder and upload them on ten different websites.

Create a CrakRevenue Account

A question that boggles every amateur adult webmaster is: What is CrakRevenue?

CrakRevenue is a private and an adult CPA network, owned by adult niche experts. For your information, CPA stands for Cost per Acquisition. The amount of money you earn with CrakRevenue heavily depends on the type of offer you opted for. Essentially, there are three types of offers:

  • PPL- Pay per Lead
  • PPS- Pay per Sale
  • Revshare- Revenue Sharing

PPL stands for Pay per Lead. For every potential lead, you can earn anywhere between $2 and $3. A potential lead is any user who signs up on an affiliate porn website. The user need not purchase anything. However, certain amount of conversion rate is mandatory and desirable. CrakRevenue team internally monitors the conversion rate of your traffic. If the number of conversions is abysmal, this earning opportunity might closed for you. The key to potential leads is to send quality traffic.  Whenever you send quality traffic, chances of actual conversion take place.

PPS stands for Pay per Sale. The conversion rates are not as high as PPL program. In PPS offer, visitors have to pay money for something. For instance, visitors have to pay money to become members of the porn websites or forums. For every potential convert, the pay is lucrative. It is usually between %35 and $75 per sign up.

Revenue Sharing: This offer fetches you recurring income. Whenever a registered user renews his / her membership subscription, you will earn certain commission which is generally around 15-30% of the membership renewal price. They may not be as lucrative as Pay per Sale offers. However, revenue sharing provides you a nice long term income provided, you have quite a good number of sign ups.

To promote the CrakRevenue offers, you should first submit an application. If your application is inconsequential, it will be rejected. CrakRevenue team claims that nearly 60% of all the applications are rejected. To be an integral part of the remaining 40% elite CrakRevenue community, it is important to submit a great application. Sometimes, spelling mistakes can result in denial of your application. Be diligent and pay attention to every minutest detail.

Do not write too much. Do not be verbose. Mention your genuine sources of traffic in the application. Do not try to cheat the CrakRevenue team. No matter how much ever you try to hoodwink them, the CrakRevenue team is bound to outsmart you. Be genuine. Mention the names of other CPA networks that accepted your website.

More often than not, CrakRevenue pays you through Payoneer. If you are based in US, CrakRevenue pays you through checks. Otherwise, payments are facilitated through Payoneer. Create your Payoneer account here. It costs you nothing.

Buy a Domain Name and a Hosting Provider

Buy a domain name. Ensure that it contains words such as ‘cams’ or ‘webcam’. Your target audiences get connected with such domain names. For instance, people have been consistently responding in good faith with sites such as Domain name should convey the adult niche of your website.

After purchasing the domain name, it is important to choose a hosting service. There are many hosting providers in the market. Unfortunately, not many are reliable. In adult hosting, M3 Server is superior to its peers. Its plans start from $20/ month. You should know about your server requirements, bandwidth and RAM plans, SSL certificates and Content Delivery Network. For any assistance, you may talk to the support staff of M3 Server. They are a reputed and trustworthy organization. They have been in the business since 1996. Visit the website here.

Well, this is your only monetary investment. This is an astute investment as free hosting providers enforce a lot of restrictions. For instance, they may command you to display their own hosting banner ads. It is highly likely that their customer service will be deplorable. It is therefore recommended to bet your chances on M3 Server.

Once your domain and hosting platforms are ready, redirect your domain accordingly. From your CrakRevenue account, choose an offer. To begin with, choose PPL (Pay per Lead). Gradually, opt for PPS (Pay per Sale). You just need to create your own offer links. Whenever a cam girl joins a membership site through your offer link, certain commission will be credited in your Payoneer account. If you are not well versed with the process of redirecting your account, ask M3 Server support staff. They will help you.

Upload the videos and make money

Once you download the videos, you have to rename the file. Ensure that the name of the file has some keywords. Make the name all the more attractive. For instance, “Tina having sex for the first time” should be renamed as: “Brunette loses her virginity to a white dick”. At the end of the video, add your domain name or a sentence such as: To view the full video, visit Be consistent in uploading the videos.

To build a porn site, you should purchase a turnkey software. has earned a sterling reputation for its diverse range of products. Visit the website here. As an alternative option, you can buy a porn site. In case of any concerns, feel free to ask any questions. Drop a line or two in the comments section. I will answer in a day or two.  I can help you build a porn site as well. Cheers!