How to Start an Adult Toy Store Business Today?

Sex Sells and Sex Toys Sell with Grace

It is no denying that sex sells all over the world and in continents such as North America, sex toys sell with grace. Why is it so? When customers order for sex toys, they need not talk with anyone. They need not look at their neighbors in the eye. Toys are packed and the entire package is wrapped neatly. Nobody knows what is being shipped.

Sex Toy Business

By running an adult toy store, you can make piles of cash. To spice up their sex life, most of the couples of different ages are vouching for sex toys. Also, most of the individuals, especially young women prefer sex toys such as dildos and vibrators to add a little excitement to their self-pleasure activities. Start your own sex toy business and cater to the requirements of such people. You are not alone in this 15 billion US dollar adult sex toy business. You are bound to face intense competition in this profitable business. To build your sex toy business, make use of turnkey software. Internet is full of turnkey software, but not every software is worth purchasing.


Turnkey Software for Sex Toy Business

Purchase a turnkey software for sex toy business that allows you to do the following:

  • Brand your retail sex toy store
  • Customize the adult toy store
  • Identify the best bondage wear
  • Set competitive prices

Drop Shipping

No doubt, the entire adult sex toy industry is saturated with drop shippers. For your information, drop shippers are suppliers, generally third party suppliers. You need not maintain any inventory in your store. Whenever you get an order from a customer, list the order on the merchandize of suppliers. It will be directly shipped to the respective address of the customers. This is a proven retail fulfillment method. Unfortunately, this fulfillment method is being exploited as the prices of the toys are tagged at soaring prices every now and then.

How much can you earn?

It is important that you markup the prices of the toys by not more than 30 – 50%. This will fetch you decent amount of profits. In other words, if the whole sale price of a black dildo is $20, you can set the market price as $30. You will be able to earn a profit of $10.

Niche vs Micro – Niche

Adult toys is a very big niche in itself. I recommend you to narrow down to a micro niche. This improves your chances of ruling the micro-niche. For instance, one of the micro niches is Dildos and Dongs. Most of the gay audiences and women looking for sexual self-pleasure are your target audiences. Display dildos and dongs of every possible shade and size.  Some of the types of dildos are enlisted below:

  • Vibrating Dildos
  • Ejaculating Dildos
  • Harness Dildos
  • Strapless Dildos
  • Suction Cup Dildos
  • Double headed Dildos
  • Glass Dildos
  • Silicone Dildos
  • Anal Dildos
  • G-spot Dildos
  • Large Dildos
  • Porn Star modeled Dildos
  • Black Dildos

Explore the various categories and sub-categories and try to include them in your store. Your online store should be the ideal destination for anyone who is looking for dildo of his / her choice.

To know more about your target market, target long tail keywords. For micro niches, competition is not so intense. Micro-niches attract more quality traffic. Let me draw an analogy here- If you are targeting the whole adult toy store, you will be getting a very small piece of a very big cake. On the other hand, if you target a micro-niche, you will be able to eat a whole cake!

SEO- Is it really important?

Undoubtedly, SEO is important in any online website business. However, in case of adult toy store business, the role of SEO is limited. You have to spend some decent money on PPC (Pay per Click) campaigns so as to ensure that returns are phenomenal. For instance, you may have to spend around $100 on PPC to identify those long-tail keywords which have low competition and high search volume. Out of 10000 visitors who visit your site, try to convert at-least 500 customers. You will make a fortune!

Tool for keyword Strategy

Most of the webmasters choose tools such as SEO PowerSuite and Semantic Juice to identify long tailed keywords. Not that these tools do not work, but I prefer SEMRush. SEMRush is a complete competitive intelligence package that can help you in social media research. From SEO to PPC, SEMRush offers insights on everything. And yes, it offers valuable insights on video advertising research as well.

Now that you have understood the importance of micro-niche and long-tail keywords in adult sex toy business, let me share my two cents on the various features that you should look for in a turnkey software for sex toy business.

Adult Payment Gateways

The whole purpose of starting an adult toy store is to make profits. If the turnkey software for sex toy business doesn’t come with PayPal integration, payment collection from customers becomes difficult. Ensure that the marketplace you choose has a provision for Cash on Delivery as well.

Drop Shipping API

This has become a necessary evil. An ideal marketplace should support product inventory of at-least 50000+ toys from leading brands and top manufacturers. Moreover, the turnkey software product should have a provision for discreet shipping and variable pricing.

XML and CSV Feed Importer

This module or feature should allow the marketplace administrator to download product feed in CSV and XML format. Apart from this, he / she must be able to bulk upload products through this module.

Completely Customizable

When it comes to customization, sex toy marketplaces should come with a multitude of themes, colors, logos and content blocks. It is even better if the marketplaces are built on popular frameworks such as WordPress.

Responsive Design

Online sex toy stores should look pixel perfect on all devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. This is possible only if the marketplace is built by using Bootstrap 3 framework.

Smart Search Filters

If your potential customers are searching for dildos of various sizes, this feature should essentially help them. In other words, smart search filters should help shoppers search for sex toys by price, color, location, ratings, reviews, category and sub-category.

Coupon Code

Sex toy marketplaces should let you reward your loyal customers by offering discount coupons on various toys. Coupons can be of flat price or percentage on the toys’ price. Adult toy marketplaces should allow you to create unlimited coupons. You should be able to set the expiry date accordingly.

Search Engine Optimization

In sex-toy business, SEO plays a limited role. However, you cannot afford to miss a few foundational features such as Meta title, Meta description etc. Each and every toy should be associated with a relevant keyword. Adult toy marketplaces should have adequate features for better indexing and ranking. They should help you create search engine friendly URLs.

SEO Perfect Company

Robust Administrator Functionality

Administrators of sex toy marketplaces should have access to back-end functionality. They should be able to manage user profiles and grant access privileges. They can create invoices, configure payments and leverage features such as email notification, drop shipping API etc.

Revenue Models

Here comes the most interesting part- The very purpose of starting a sex toy business is to earn piles of cash. This can be achieved only if your marketplace supports various types of revenue models such as:

  • Amazon Affiliate program
  • Adult Sex toys affiliate program
  • Subscription model
  • Banners and advertisements
  • Commission on Drop Shipped toys

I have been in this business for the past 10 years and I can assert that xMarketplace product of has all the aforementioned features. They are running a holiday deal on various products. The company is highly reliable and their customer service is praiseworthy. Do visit for further details.

If you have any queries regarding adult toy store business, feel free to drop a line or two in the comments section. I will reply within 24 hours. Keep watching this space for insightful stuff. Cheers!