How Adult Dropshipping Works?

Pornography, in this generation, as we all know, is majorly about online porn videos. But the real meaning of pornography is much more than that. In general, the term pornography means the visual depictions which are intended to sexually arouse the person viewing it. It could be in the form of magazines, pictures, adult television channels, or even VHS movies. Nowadays, it is limited to mostly adult videos on the internet, but most of the porn and camming shows which can be found all over the internet include sex toys. Basically, sex toys are used in almost every porn video nowadays, and the sex toy industry in the past few years has grown to a much greater stage than ever thought of. But, what really are sex toys?

What are Sex Toys?

For all intents and purposes, a sex toy is an object or a device, which is used in certain sexual activities that enhance the human sexual pleasure. Sex toys come in different types of toys. It can be a vibrator, a dildo or even BDSM apparatuses. In the earlier days, when sex toys were not so popular among the general public, they were normally sold at a sex shop. But as the technology has taken over the regular shopping experience to a new level, now there are many sites which are solely dedicated to selling sex toys. You can also call these sites a dedicated marketplace for sex toys. And these sites are not just a handful of low profiting sites, it is worth mentioning that the adult sex toys market is huge. You might not believe me, but it is a 15 billion dollar industry, and by the year 2020, this industry is going to become a 52 billion dollar one.

To tell you the truth, sex toys weren’t that much loved by people in the 90s or before that. Only some high class and rich people used to be interested in these kinds of sexual fetish. What made them really popular almost among everyone was porn. Porn videos and adult camming played a very important role in getting the interest of people towards this new toy from the adult factory: sex toys. Soon the demand started increasing, and within a few years, the porn site owners saw the opportunity of making huge profits and started adult sex toy online stores. People have started losing their fear and they are willing to try new things in their sexual life, which is quite the reason why adult factory made sex toys are becoming so much profitable.

How to start a Sex Toy Business?

You must be thinking how to start a porn website as it can be a way to starting an adult website. Actually, starting sex toy business is as easy as starting an adult website. Adult website business is very popular, but the thing about sex toy business is, here money sells money. The SEO is quite pointless in this business and it is all about paying $1 and to get $1.50. And yes, you can make a niche out of keywords. You should target the long keywords. Also, the most important thing in adult website business is traffic. You have to attract quality traffic. If you spend $100 per day on the PPC marketing – you will get around 1000 visits on your website. If you spend $100 on PPC for the long tailed keywords – you will easily attract 1000 visitors – provided the long tailed keywords has low competition and decent search volume. Finding those keywords is important. Also keep in mind that you do not have to select any kind of free hosted solution. They are slow and are outdated tech.


Even their design looks old. You might get a free domain etc. but there is no sense in giving them 40% of your sale. We have come up with a solution to this – xMarketplace. It is built on a popular PHP framework – CodeIgniter and uses MySQL for the database backend. To highlight, it has got all the necessary features to run a business ready adult toy store. xMarketplace is the most SIMPLE way to start your sex toy business online. You can start selling adult toys and novelties using their single vendor or Marketplace script. It is the most powerful adult toy store script built with cutting edge technology. In a simple language, it is basically a turnkey software to build a porn site for your adult toy business. In other words, you do not have to worry about the questions such as, how to build a porn site. The main feature of it is, it has also got drop shipping API and adult payment gateway integrated by default. Basically, lots of websites use drop shippers to ship the product with the prices hacked up. But, if you narrow down a micro niche or a second level sub category – there are high chances you can rule the niche to make profits. The main question here isn’t how to start a porn website nor is it how to build a porn site. But the biggest question here is what and how to use drop shipping?

Let us now see, how drop shipping works in several parts of the world.

For Running an Adult Toy Store in the US

xMarketplace from Adent offers a complete package for your adult toy business. Most of the new sex toy store owners have trouble finding the best vendor, but with xMarketplace, there is nothing to worry about. The drop shipping API can be used to pull products from adult toy drop shippers and you can sell them with whatever prices you want to sell them for. is one of the biggest drop shippers which ships sex toys inside the US. It also brings you 100,000+ item inventory from IVD and ECN. It features a huge assortment of products from more than 500 vendors. Discreet shipping and you have control over the pricing of products. There is no hassle in using it. The customer on your site will place the orders, then it is your choice to send them manually, or you can set your website to send them the orders automatically. The moment they receive the order, they will pick the items ordered, and pack them. The order will be shipped by them directly to your customers. The order shall contain your company name on the receipt. Whatever was the cost for that item, that will be collected be, and the rest of the profit above that is all yours. They have over 100,000 adult products, which include Adult DVDs and Adult Novelties from the top studios and manufacturers

Shipping Outside US: If you want to expand your business outside the US soil, there are many options available for you on xMarketplace. There are several drop shippers available on xMarketplace according to different countries. If you want to sell the products through your site to Europe, xMarketplace has They only ship their products to Europe. Similarly, there are different drop shippers for different countries. You can select them accordingly from xMarketplace.

For Running Adult Toy store in Europe

xMarketplace is the simplest way to kick start your adult toy business online. You can just buy a domain, and start selling sex toys and novelties using the single vendor or Marketplace script. xMarketplace has one of the most powerful adult toy store script helping you to build a porn site, which is built using cutting edge technology. But all this is not what we are talking about here. xMarketplace offers drop shipping API. is one of the leading drop shippers in Europe.

If you run your own adult business but do not have the facility or finance to hold a large stock inventory, the drop shipping service from should ideally be your best bet. What really happens is, you don’t have to do anything. You just take your customers orders and process them through for them to fulfil. Then they take it from there and deal with the logistics of fulfilling your orders. All accompanying paperwork that leaves their warehouse will be generic with no descriptive company contact information enabling you to keep a one to one relationship with your customer. There is no indication that AdultToySupplier has shipped their order. Also, by not investing time and money into stock until you have already made the sale, you are freeing up cash flow and man power for other activities in your business. You will just have to pay their standard wholesale price for goods, plus shipping costs.

For Shipping Outside Europe: There is always an urge to cross the border, and sell your products in different countries. And it is good to indulge in cross border commerce. With xMarketplace, you won’t have to suffer for selling your products to people outside the European territory. xMarketplace integrates with drop shippers from different countries, so that you can sell products from your site all over the globe. If you want to expand your business in India, and there are several users from India who want to buy products from your site, xMarketplace shall integrate your business with the drop shipper from India,, and your job is done. Rest of it will be taken care of by the Indian drop shipping company. You have to pay for their standard charges, and the profit will be all yours.

For Running Adult Toy Store in India

xMarketplace allows you to run your own adult toy store. You can either have your own adult toy inventory and shipping it using their USPS shipping API or use their sex toy drop shipping API which comes built-in and automate the inventory and shipping process. You don’t have to own any inventory at all. In India, is a well renowned adult toys drop shipping site. Their drop shipping program offers you the opportunity to sell sex toys in India and worldwide without investments or keeping stock.

You just have to simply sell their products to your customers. Once you collect the payment, you forward them the order details and then they shall ship the products to your customers for you. You can spend all your time on just promoting your business and making sales. The products from are all of high quality. They will provide you with all of their catalogues which will have all the information about their products, and you can then publish it on your sex store site for sale. You can set any price you desire. After collecting the payment from your customer, you just have to take your cut, and send the remaining (marked price) of those products to

The drop shipping companies are known to support Indian adult toys market. Most of the drop shippers are interested in shipping their products to India. is one such leading drop shipper from India and has various warehouses in India and Hong Kong. With the support of drop shippers from around the world, the sex toy market in India is finally growing, and it is all legal as well. Selling sex toys in India is completely legal, these items are not banned for import or sale in India, and there is no legal bar for their sale. The concern arises only in the manner in which these sex toys / apparels and related products are displayed and exhibited for sale in India. Under the Indian Law, obscenity is an offence.

When Would Drop Shipping Sex Toys be a Good Option for You?

  • If you have a website and do not want to buy a lot of stock.
  • You do not want to make a big investment to get inventory.
  • You want to make high profits because you get a great dropship price.
  • If you don’t like the hassle of packing, addressing and shipping products all the time.

If you have trouble finding customers for your site, there are ways to get them too. One of the most common methods is content marketing. Writing creative and controversial articles will always attract more traffic towards your store.

Social media traffic from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr etc. is always good for promotion. However, Facebook doesn’t support adult marketing, and twitter also prohibits sex toy promotion. But if you take a look at the live feed, many people market their toy store products on Twitter. Instead of spamming like others, you need to use a few growth hacking techniques – setup automation tools and find out people who talk about adult toys, follow #adulttoys or without # – retweet those tweets and start a conversation from the official twitter account. You can also try PPC campaigns, adult ad networks, posts on adult forums.

The world of sex toys is growing at much faster rate than it used to be in the last 15 years. The adult toy industry is expected to cross the target of 100 billion dollars by the year 2025, and there is no one stopping it. Jump in, and use the services of xMarketplace to start and expand your own sex toy online store.

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